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Jesus: Trust Through Darkness

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

"Many say that you must speak and act as you feel

but that would be far from accurate."

Ann: Hi Jesus, kinda moving slow this morning.

Jesus: Yes, that is not surprising after the electrical storm moving through your body yesterday. All that energy allowed you to “accomplish” a lot, but now the bill is coming due. Not a big bill but one that wants recognition.

I want to speak with you about walking the talk even when you are not connecting with the love that nonetheless comes to you daily, hourly and even in in mini-seconds. When you cannot feel this love, you are asked to trust, to move as you are directed by your inner compass and keep your actions in alignment with the higher frequencies even if your emotions are lagging behind.

Many say that you must speak and act as you feel but that would be far from accurate. You must acknowledge your feelings and then choose to act as you know is in concert with Great Spirit's higher laws. I hear people say, “I can’t help how I feel,“ but, again that is just not accurate. You can move in such a way to begin to heal yourself.

The secret inside yourself is the secret to life. It is within your grasp to excavate this shining light by your words, your actions, and your prayers. And as Henri Nouwen said, to pray is to be obedient which is to listen very carefully.

Ann: Jesus, I just listened to a recording of Henri Nouwen saying almost exactly this. I am putting words in your mouth?

Jesus: (Smiling) Who do you think got you to that podcast?

You are not alone in needing to find an anchor to hold onto during the holidays, particularly in this time of hardship for so many. Simply acknowledge how you feel then move on. Do not wallow.

Do not let dark energy gain a toehold on your psyche or your soul, for these little gremlins are notoriously hard to uproot. You prevent their attachment by saying, “I am tired, not feeling very worthwhile just at the moment but I will trust that the light that goes with me will surround me while I keep my gaze elevated." Then remember that you are a creation of love and are here to spread that understanding even though you might not feel so blessed at the time.

Allow yourself to rest and renew, it may take time but patience is rewarded. In my Father’s house we scrub the floors daily so that we can walk lightly. Make the choice to listen to your better angels and this holiday season will become the blessed miracle it was meant to be.

Archangel Michael: And speaking of angels, do not forget to ask for help. There are many of us at the ready to be of assistance upon request. The holiday season can bring up much that is conflicting in its vibrations. We can help you review by receiving stressful memories with the broader perspective and calming energy that is available to you from your angels and guides. We are gathered round you at all times . Call on us. We live to serve.

December 24, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Dec 25, 2020

Thank you, Skyviewer, for the lovely gift of your comment.


Dec 25, 2020

Your posts provide an anchor. Again and again, I find my better angels. Thank you. Merry Christmas

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