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Jesus: When Gremlins Gather

Recently one of my channels seem to be off, not the usual energy of that particular spirit. I tried again, same problem. So I asked.

Ann: Jesus, Richard, anyone? That imposter thing has shaken my confidence.

Jesus: That’s the thing about gremlins, they test our faith. No one is exempt. Recall, if you will, my time in the wilderness.

Everyone has this struggle, and it does not get easier because the bigger we are the harder we fall. The trick is to expect it, to recognize that they will come back whenever they get a chance, and then shoo them away before they can get purchase on your soul.

As we grow in faith and awareness, our confidence increases, and we begin to count on our spiritual connections to be there whenever we call. And this confidence is not misplaced because, my children, we are with you every moment of every day if you will turn your awareness to us.

But sometimes, we start to feel special, stronger, more blessed in our connections or simply complacent or inattentive. In other words, the ego starts to strut its stuff, chest puffed out, impressed with its so called powers, powers to make us feel either in charge or like a slug under a barberry bush. Then the gremlins scent a vulnerability and slither in through the cracks that the ego has created in our heavenly shield.

At that point we are shocked, thrown off our game, and may even start to doubt the truth of our spiritual connections. Score one for the Gremlin Team!

When we are caught out like this – and everyone is periodically – the trick is to beat them at their own game. By this I mean point out their vulnerabilities, their silliness, and lack of staying power. Yes, they may have the chops for a surprise attack, but nothing can stand against the light if we hold the line. So laugh them out of the room and go on your way secure in the knowledge and purpose of a life dedicated to living in the light, to feeding the positive energies in the universe, and to allowing your consciousness and connection to Spirit to expand.

If you do this, my children, you will find your dark periods growing shorter and less effective, you will be able to endure cosmological dark stretches without succumbing to that oppressive energy, and you will emerge stronger and brighter on the other side.

Call on us, we have been there before you, and can help to light your way.

September 28, 2021

Free Image Credit: Pixabay, jplenio.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Sep 30, 2021

Anne and Jesus, thank you for your honesty, as many of us feel the same, and me too 100%, despite good days when feeling free and at ease with connection, and that I am helping make my day to day easier through this practice, today just seemed low on energy, dark and rainy for a few days, malaise, and I had to work extra hard to keep the gremlins at bay! But it's so true, it does make it a lot easier to pass through it when we have the knowing it is just a part of being in the land of gravity!

Oct 01, 2021
Replying to

Thanks, Monique.

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