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John Denver and Richard Burton: Higher Ground

This morning I woke up with an unkind thought about someone. I am beginning to recognize this sort of thing as the beginning of a downward slide, so I asked for help, and, lo and behold, help came.

Ann: Hi Richard – and heartfelt thanks to you and everyone else out there who came in and helped me this morning.

Richard Burton: It is our pleasure, love, particularly now that you are recognizing the demon snake at the first hint of its presence, this time just an ugly thought which I delight to see have been erased from your memory.

Keep it so, love. These little mischief makers are the harbingers of a coming attempted coup. Best to cut them off at the pass which Archangel Michael most effectively did ably assisted by some others with an additional hand up from John Denver.

And, yes, you did underestimate his gravitas.* He continues his work here focusing on stabilization. His spirit and intent were of Spirit, but his focus was challenged that last time around.

John Denver: Yes, perfectly true. I am honored to have been of service to you this morning, Ann, and will stand by for you and any who request help with keeping their balance in this very confusing world.

Ann: You sent “Perhaps Love.”**

John: Indeed I did. The antidote to an ugly thought is always love in whatever form is most attractive to us at the moment. By hearing that song in your head, you substituted its words and melody for that now forgotten nastiness.

It is the discipline of this type of substitution that carries us through these disconcerting periods when evil is thrown out into the atmosphere to see what it can catch.

It is so important, as I know now, to be able to call such evil out immediately so that it does not gain purchase in our psyches or our souls. Not shut it down, call it out. Otherwise, we are constantly swinging back and forth between our better angels and our conniving demons and then can't gain traction to move forward in our lives.

Thank you for letting me be of assistance. Many of us who have passed are now in a course of study to rebalance those impulses which we were unable to master when we were on the planet - and then to help others do the same.

We are not taught to deny these shadows but instead to call them out for what they are, then marshal our forces to convert their energy to power the Light – which is what you are doing now with a little help from your friends.

Richard: And from my own experience I would say that laughing at demons is also highly effective – not to mention entertaining.

Ann: So it is, I will try that next time. Thanks to all of you, God bless.

Richard: And to you, Madame.

November 17, 2020

* See previous post, John Denver: Warts and All, November 23, 2019. An amazing post, highly recommended, anyway, it helped me.

**John Denver & Plácido Domingo in Studio - Perhaps Love (1981) Please consider giving this a listen.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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