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John F. Kennedy: The Presidency In Darkness

"The time of reckoning is at hand. Take joy that it is so."

Ann: Good evening, Mr. President, Anita* said that you wanted to put something on the blog.

President Kennedy: Yes, Ann, and I am in your debt for the use of your platform. The presidency today has devolved from a focal point of leadership into a real time penny-ante crook shop. It was bound to happen in a free society, for in such all are free to be themselves, and, if the self you choose to showcase to the world has no inner compass, no center, no standards, what would you expect when its rudderless ego takes the helm?

….text message signal from my phone beeping….

Ann: I am sorry, Mr. President, for this interruption. It was upsetting and completely made me lose my concentration. I am having a hard time returning and humbly beg your pardon.

JFK: Yes. I can see your problem, it is surprising that some such thing has not happened before. Perhaps we can turn it to our use in the present….

When, as just happened to Ann, we are distracted in a fashion that resonates with deepest fears and anxieties, our tendency to blame goes into overdrive. Anger, even rage, arises at the person “causing” the conflagration and takes over our entire being. With the best will in the world to retain our focus, everything else pales beside this central point of fire.

Think on this experience for a moment, and try to put yourself in our present chief executive’s shoes. Everything that does not reinforce his false self-image is a direct frontal assault on his nervous system so that he hits back in a knee-jerk manner exquisitely calculated to trip the same response in us.

Now is the time to cool our electrical systems. This president is not the life blood of the republic. Though he sits atop the government, he is not the master of all he surveys. Those of you who see his flailings must take care not to buy into the narrative that he purports to spread to the four corners, that is, that the world is crazy, that everyone most look out for themselves, that hearts are fallible and love is false. I will not say that he plans it this way, but his internal chaos and automatic trip system can react in no other way.

It is up to us to refrain from following where he leads. He is not important. The country, the ideals that it purports to stand on and has never honored are thrown into relief by his uncontrollable machinations and the fear induced behavior of the sheep who think to take shelter beneath the non-existent cloak of the naked emperor.

Hold steady here, as my friend John McClain would say. The road is long, but this detour is the test that we have long awaited, the test we have avoided or delayed when we appropriated the land of native peoples and cultivated it with souls stolen from foreign lands. The time of reckoning is at hand. Take joy that it is so. Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for you country in its time of trial, and you will be rewarded with a clear direction for a different future. I and others who have come before and after me stand with you, and we will be here when you call.

November 29, 2019 Mr. President

* See "Resources" under Recommended Channelers."

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