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John McCain, et al: Darkness Won't Last.

Darkness won't last. It never does.

Ann: Would one of you talk to me regarding the Rune, Sowelu,* and the Animal Medicine Card, Beaver,** that I pulled this morning?

Richard Burton: Ah yes, it is I, the old standby standing by. It is now with the sunlight shining on garbage that we begin to see the true human values of community come to the fore as that light reveals the rot at the core of the elitist patriarchal structures that have wrought such destruction on so many people – not the least of whom are those who have bought into its supposed benefits.


John McCain: You got that right, Rich. And yet even those who bought into the make-it on-your-own crap are beginning to see that it eats its own if you diverge from the liturgy. I am watching the ladies in Congress as they grapple with what encroaching sunlight is uncovering.

Liz Cheney, as much a good ole boy as anyone you ever met, can’t stomach the lies. What I am interested to see is whether she will allow that light to shine into the dark corners of her other assumptions. I won’t mention some others who have turned their back on the experiences of real people in favor of what those lies can do for their political careers.

It won’t last, folks, because the sun is coming out and is gradually getting to the root of those lies. It’s not new. It's as it ever was: money and power.

But this time those lies can’t slither in under cover of darkness. They are standing right out in the open so that a few of those who desperately want that money and power are refusing to be coopted, and pretty soon that light is gonna shine where you least expect it, and there will be no place for any of that filth to hide anymore.

In the meantime we have to keep on pulling back the covers, calling out every feint, dodge, or outright lie that they use to make racism and oppression look harmless and normal.

Auntie (Harriet Tubman): You got that right, Johnnie boy. We on the cusp of history, and with just a little boost we gonna get over this hump.

So you folks out there, you shine that light on ever corner of yo' own life cause every darkness we root outta our own basement makes the world a lighter place and hard and harder for them lies and trickery to find shelter. Start in yo' own house and move on outward, and we will git this thing licked.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg; I have to chime in here. It will be the justice system and the courts which eventually “out” those lies for good. The justice system, still, is based upon evidence.

Now you can spin that evidence all you like, but you can’t create it. Even with the best will in the world, those justices who would roll back the clock will still feel themselves bound to the basic rules of evidence.

Only a political tribunal could have acquitted in the face of overwhelming evidence the outright effort to topple this country’s duly elected government. That will not happen in the courts, or if it does, it will not be sustained in a functioning court system, which, thank God, we still have.

Ann: No offense, Ruth, but if they can whitewash the capitol insurrection, there is no barrier too low.

Justice Ginsburg: They can interpret laws - and they will - to support a conservative agenda, but I believe the line will be drawn at making law based on conclusions contrary to evidence.

Just shine the light. That is the citizen’s primary duty, and then wait and see. Sunlight will cause a revolution in this country.

Clarence Darrow: Thanks for taking my call. I have been hovering out here at the edges for some time because I want to point out that oppression in our country is not new, nor is change. Both occurred in my day when business and religious institutions which had dominated policy and conversation were exposed for the callous exploitation of the vulnerable that was a central tenant of their modus operandi. Regular people woke up, could not look away, and made change happen.

That is the job of the citizens militant now. If we are resolute, we will not fail.

May 6, 2021

*Rune: Sowelu. Sunlight, that which brings illumination, the guiding force.

**Animal Medicine Card: Beaver. The call to action.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Karen Grace
Karen Grace
May 07, 2021

What a rousing call to action and vote of confidence in "right over might!"


Michael Strauss
Michael Strauss
May 07, 2021

Aha. Almost the all star team (you'd still need to have John Lewis, Martin, Abe and a Kennedy or two before we could claim that). And everybody's still confident.

Thanks, Ann, for asking about the earthly political realities (that was impressively courageous 😉).

Hope they're right.


May 07, 2021

OMG this is like my dream team of who I would want to hear from right now!! Thank God for all of you and your messages on here and all the words that keeps God's light shinning bright.

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