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John McCain Explains It All To Me

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

John McCain has been through hell. He can help us.

He is certainly helping me.

Ann: Hi John, Anita* says you want to talk to me because I’m down at the mouth after the last post from Diana. I am not really down, just not sure that channeling Diana is really what I’m meant to do or where I want to go.

John: Hello Annie, yes I horned in on Anita,* (boy, does that girl have a lot going on) because I couldn’t seem to get your attention. Channeling Diana is not really what you did. You channeled a message from Diana about the suffering of children whose plights have been overlooked in this crisis.

Ann: Yeah, but it was a call to action with political overtones, not sure I want to be doing that.

John: Really? And you’ve been talking to me and Richard and Auntie with all of us yelling in your ear about the current political mess and that is ok?

Ann: Yeah, I see what you mean, but this one somehow seems different. Diana is raising awareness of the need for action on behalf of this nation’s children which I really support but she is also asking people to support their cause.

John: Annie, you don’t have to be wary of doing that. Diana is committed to bettering the lives of children and always was. As a child herself she was used. Now, in some respects, she let that happen,but she had not the maturity or the wise guides around her to help her to see that what she was getting into, and, as it turned out, it was a vipers nest par excellence.

Ann: Did you ever meet her?

John: Yes, on one of those touring trips we senators would take to try to get a feel for what was going on on the ground. She was very effective in bringing attention to the unmitigated disaster of mines left on battlefields for unsuspecting civilians, frequently children, to come across to such heart rending effect. I joined her cause with some legislative efforts to eliminate landmines from military arsenals and always respected her work in this area. She is speaking from the heart here, and I am glad to see her message on this blog.

But that is not why I wanted to speak with you. Your quick descent into hell was not powered by your ambivalence about channeling Diana. It was triggered by her message of the terror, injustice, and cruelty inflicted upon children locked in and at the mercy of those who use them as whipping boys.

It is not surprising that you should have this reaction. As an empath, as one who has been a child at the mercy of others, you struggle with the thin line between understanding, feeling the hurt of those whose lives intersect yours however tangentially, and the complete breakdown of your functionality when confronted with their seemingly hopeless situations.

I understand. Yes, I am and I was tougher than you. My background, my nature, and my experience taught me to compartmentalize, but still I suffered with the boys in blue as they fought off terrors inflicted upon them in the pursuit of their duty. I lost sleep when I did not think their welfare was properly cared for by those in command, and it was this that led me to run for president not once but twice.

Everyone has to come to their own balance so that they can continue to function, to offer what they have been given for the greater good. Annie, you ride a very fine line here, but you are learning to ride it well - with some exceptions to be expected. It has taken you a lifetime to be able to open your channel to receive the spirits that are available to you. It is an act of courage to make these voices available to others and to offer your access to people who ask for the insight of your guides through channeled readings.

Many do not realize the cost that this type of work carries for you and other intuitives who carry within their hearts the agony of each soul who touches their own. It is not surprising that you cannot always hold the center, yet that is the very thing you must do to be of service in this work and in your other endeavors. Take the children that Diana speaks of into your heart, do what you can, then let them go. Nothing else will serve the larger purpose.

We are charged with optimizing our gifts for the good of others. This does not mean sackcloth and ashes, for what good is a human in perpetual disarray and misery? You have light in your spirit as did I. This is what heals so never allow yourself to drown in darkness but proceed to the next task, the next contact, the next joyful endeavor that you can share with your fellows.

For all my friends who read this blog, please know that I am well and happy and much the same nutcase you knew me to be. Now, however, I can see the larger picture, and I am therefore even more determined to do what I can to let you on the planet who still see only through a glass darkly know that seeing face to face will make you grasp every opportunity for happiness and joy and the means of sharing same with all of your fellows.

The universe is created of love and joy, however unlikely that may seem given current events. Let it come from your words and deeds, and you will be doing the work of heaven. Offer succor and assistance as you can, but remember that your path is your own, and your own light must be guarded and preserved to continue to shine for yourself and others.

Come with me, Annie, and let us offer our hands to those who join with us here. Then do the next right thing and the next. That is what keeps us afloat.

April 23, 2020

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab. Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or readings at ttps:// .

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Jun 01, 2020

What you said, jhe0811, thanks. Ann


Apr 25, 2020

Hang in there Ann, the world needs good people like you. I just love the Senator’s post. He is a fighter ready to help put all this negativity and darkness that has been dealt right back on those that sent it out in the first place.

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