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John McCain: Holy War

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Paddle your own canoe and we will get there

because that’s the only canoe you have.

Ann: John?

John: Hey, Annie, just when you thought I had bailed here I am back to charge into the fray. What did you think this would be, a walk on the beach? Girl, we are in one hell of a holy war, no two ways about it. Let them lily livered lemmings march themselves right over a cliff. They can’t see it coming but coming it is.

Ann: John, they have rigged the states election process and stopped election reform so it looks like they can also rig the next election to get themselves back in power. Doesn’t seem to me that the Democrats are mounting much of a fight.

Ann: Well, Annie, while we don’t want them to turn into the opposition with their complete denial of what is plain unvarnished truth, we do need some old fashioned fierce and loud campaigning. Old Joe is going to take a hand now and go right to the people and start campaigning early.

No denying that he’s fighting an uphill battle with his administration packed as it is with Trump appointees and a party that won’t suspend the filibuster for fear of making Mommy mad. It’s a low period, no doubt, but every administration has them, and the last thing we need to do is give up now.

Time to go after the voters in the swing states instead of holding our hats in our hands and begging for some Republican votes. Time to show the courage of our convictions, and get on out there and show those fraidy cat Senators what has been happening behind the backs. When they see that they too will go down with the ship, then they will begin to take some steps

It will have to be pretty drastic, but that’s human nature. We never seem to get too worried about life in general until it becomes clear that it’s our ox that’s being gored.

I gotta say, from and old time politico who treasured the Senate traditions, I hate to see this descent into naked power grabs based on procedure. In my day, there was still some honor among thieves - and we were all thieves. But here we are so we go from here.

And don't kid yourself, once we get the election thing sorted, we will have to run the same process through the Democrats because, as you know, power corrupts, and there is just too much money floating around for some of these fraudsters to resist.

Give it time, folks, - and energy - forward and back, forward and back. Paddle your own canoe and we will get there because that’s the only canoe you have, and it’s the one keeping you afloat –or not.

June 27, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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