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John McCain: Lies Will Fail

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

John: Hello, Annie, did you doubt it? I have been waiting for a chance to weigh in on the miserable job my colleagues have been doing, block and tackle at every opportunity to slow down Joe’s agenda.

But here’s the thing. It’s not just Joe, it’s the entire country that is moving in his direction. Every time those lemmings sit down on their asses and try to stop the world from moving on, the forces for progress, for people, and for the planet is treated to the real show in town, that is, the Know Nothings, the Do Nothings proving that they represent no one but themselves.

Ann: John, what about all the lies they are promulgating and the whitewash of the Capital attacks?

John: Well, it will take time. You can’t take an indoctrinee out of a cult by showing them facts they don’t believe or vision they can’t see. But what will happen is that the policies that offer them some relief will be enacted and opposed by their elected representatives and this contrast will start to make inroads on how they see the world.

And it will be embarrassing to many to see the extent to which they have been duped, and it’s important not to rub it in. Aside from the criminals that are leading the charge to wrest control of the government by lies and disinformation, many folks are just looking for help. And let’s face it, my friends, democratic “help” has not reach a lot of these people - and good ole Hillary didn’t help by calling them a basket of deplorables.

Joe will never do that. He has respect. He doesn’t have to fake it because he has been down and understands what it’s like and why people may grasp for any straw that offers a change, any help and respect when none was offered before. Not everyone agrees with government activism, but just about everyone is forced to face the fact that most of us need it now.

It will take time, but it will come. Common sense will reassert itself as more and more facts come to light. You can’t convince people who are in a cult but you can expose those who have duped them, and show them another way, and that is what Joe is all about.

So don’t worry when you see this crowd start with the ever expanding circle of lies. They will be caught out as they are now when they use these lies to incite criminal behavior in order put someone else's cash into their own pockets.

Slowly, slowly, if we are diligent, we will come back to center.

We need different viewpoints in this country because we have a lot of different people, but we can only go forward when truth is our standard. Then we can have a fair fight and move forward.

February 24, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Betty Jean

Always a blessing to hear from John. Thanks Ann and John.



Thanks Ann and John. John has the best words of wisdom and encouragement that a common person back here on Earth can really understand and get behind.


Karen Grace
Karen Grace

YES we can!

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