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John McCain Likes Stacey Abrams For VP

Ann: John, you wanted to say something?

John: Yeah, I just love that girl. She has the gift, the gift of sight that came from a lot of living in a lot of different times. And she’s got the vision to see the whole picture and not let it get her down. She's a leader and a one smart cookie to boot, and she’s the VP for my money.

Ann: Really? I thought you would pick some military type.

John: Naw, we’ve seen too much of that, and the idea of turning the troops on our own citizens has got the wind up my ass like nothing else. There has got to be a reckoning in our system to address even the possibility, let alone the reality of the grievous abuses the King of Pompadours has been allowed to get away with. I had no idea what lily-livered, bottom-sucking pond scum those former friends of mine calling themselves Republicans are. And you can be sure that they have their gills in that dirty pond water right up to their dorsal fins.

Ann: She doesn’t have any federal or executive experience, and Biden is no spring chicken.

John: Biden is gonna rule by fiat. Now I don’t mean like a king, but kinda like a chairman of the board sending out ministries all over the place to address this problem then that one. The most important thing is the restoration of our political treatise, the US Constitution, and little Miss Stacey is the smartest one to show us how to do just exactly that. She has lived its deficiencies, and yet she doesn’t hate those who have shown her just how nasty the political game is. Instead they have inspired her to tackle this problem one vote at a time. She gets things done. She’s no pie in the sky gal. She’s a stand up Charlie.

Ann: Do you think Biden will pick her?

John: It’ll be hard, but it will help him in the long run. He’s gonna need some really good foreign policy people, people who understand the military and how it should be used for our safety and protection. We’re not living in la-la land, and we need to be able to take on what we come up against. I think Stacey has the cunning and the strategic mind to take that on, but she’s gonna need some guidance. Love Joe, and he can help, but he’s not always on the ball in that area – at least not to my way of thinking.

Ann: And you were?

John: Now, Annie, let’s not go rubbing my nose in some of the mistakes I made. In my defense, I just didn't want any other man, woman or child – and I include those in Vietnam and other countries - to go through what I and so many others endured. I may have leaned a little too much to the aggressive side, but you have to deal from power, or you can’t deal at all.

The beauty about Joe and Stacy is that they will have the trust of the people behind that power, and I don’t believe they will abuse that trust or that power. She can learn from him and he can start to lean on her judgment cause when she has all the facts there is no one more able to make a good decision. So that’s my two cents.

Ann: Two dozen dollars or so, more like. Thank you, John, it is wonderful to hear from you.

John: You bet.

June 29, 2020

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4 Kommentare

05. Juli 2020

Good morning 🌞

thank you for your feedback

I listen to Linda G also

she helps me to keep my sense of humor in these turbulent times

I’m very excited about Stacey Abrams

trying to keep looking at the big picture and taking my vitamins❗️😘

Just saw George Washington the series on YouTube

and yes this would make a lot of sense❗️💜🌎🌷

Happy lunar eclipse❗️💞🌘

Gefällt mir

Flower Lioness
Flower Lioness
04. Juli 2020

I was telling my friend to watch a video of Stacy Abrams- that she is the most grounded person I've ever seen. Also, Linda G (on her youtube channel) had a visit from George Washington in spirit and he told her that he was Stacy Abrams and that she will be president of the USA in the future! He said he loves being in this body. I am so excited by her, I hope she is the VP pick! If not then we can look to her in the future to step up in another election.

Gefällt mir

30. Juni 2020

John from your lips to Gods ears‼️‼️💞💞💞☮️🌎🙏

Gefällt mir

30. Juni 2020

David Johnson has seen Stacey Abrams as VP also. I'm in Georgia where we love Stacey and are so proud of her and the great job she's doing fighting for fair elections.

Gefällt mir
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