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John McCain: Loss

"Blind or not, we keep the faith

with the vision that we know will come."

Ann: John?

John: Yes, Annie, just listening in on your conversation with your friend. Loss is a part of life. As we get older, all of us have to learn to assimilate, to love, to appreciate, and to grieve without collapsing.

And this we do through our powerful fate, our sometimes hidden knowledge that this is not the only world, that opportunities missed are not eternal holes in our heart but part of the evolving process of the human experiment and its expanding consciousness.

There is not real loss. I wish I could explain it better to you. I found in Vietnam the unshakable truth of the reality of the Divine in this crazy contraption called human civilization - if ever there were a contradiction in terms!

It is this conviction that carries us through the deepest traumas, through losses that seem to destroy the fabric of our world. If you look at the many beings who have come to you here, there is not one amongst them who has not suffered grievous harm in one way or another. Not one who has not had to reinvent themselves after total destruction. It is a hard way to obtain vision but which, once gained, is never lost.

I want to tell all of you who have or will suffer such loss that their deepest consolation is inside their own hearts with their God-given connection to Spirit, to the Creator who has not explained but who has never left us, who stands with us, by our sides and at our backs through whatever we must encounter.

And with that vision intact, we go back to living but are never the same. The disasters falling around us do not hold the same power. We can work without the necessity of knowing that success is around the corner. We work because we have an inbuilt conviction of who we are and no longer need to have an locked-in knowledge of the outcome before we will buy in.

This is internal power, my friends, and we all have it. It’s just that the road to finding it can be rocky at times and even disappear for long stretches. It is, nevertheless, our job to keep on. Keep on keepin’ on, as Auntie would say. Blind or not, we keep the faith with the vision that we know will come.

August 6, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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