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John McCain's Casino

John: Hey Annie, you need a little razzle dazzle on this site, a little leaven for all this dough you been putting out here, so let’s us get up a a little game of poker and take some bets.

Ann: You're calling a poker game from heaven?

John: Sure thing, you think we're a a bunch of stuffed shirts around here? Nothing further from the truth, we know how to have fun. So how about giving me some odds on some of your happenings down there? I'll get us started off, take your bets, and see if we can make some improvements in that current climate of gloom and doom.

So how do you like my odds?

Biden v. Trump.

50/50 Depends on who’s breathing.

Cuomo v. Trump.

80/20 Battle of the egos but one can read, count, and love.

Trump goes off the deep end.

No odds, wouldn’t feel right taking your money.

McConnell spins the Creation Story at the Pearly Gates so that Adam defeats God

A good show but still a loser.

Earth v. Man (“Human,” John, for God’s sake.)

100/1 Mother always wins.

God v. Human (Thank you, John.)

100/1 The House always wins – which means Humans will too.

What I’m saying, my friends, is pick yourself up off the floor, and let’s get moving. We’re still in this fight, and our Coach has never lost a game. We can win this, we’re closer that we know, just don’t give up the fight. Everything you think, say, or do counts in this game, so make it count. We have your back. You're up next.

April 29, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only

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1 Comment

Patty Mellowship
Patty Mellowship
Apr 30, 2020

What a guy!! Lol... 💜🌎😇💜

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