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John McCain: Senate Trial

I really love John McCain, nothing to do with his politics. I just feel better every time I talk to him. Anita* and I both felt him chomping at the bit.

Ann: Hi John, I can feel your energy jumping up and down.

Senator McC: Woo boy, baby, are you right on target! Can you believe this travesty? Well I am here to say that Martin is tellin’ like it is. You won’t win anything by chasing the devil all the way down the hole. I can't believe my Senate colleagues have gotten themselves into this fix, and I am stuck over here screaming into the wind.

A: How can I help?

JMcC: No offense, Annie, but you can only do so much, and what we need is a national microphone on someone who will speak the truth without regard to the consequences, and those folks are hard to come by.

Gotta say, I lacked in that department myself. You’re gonna get tarnished if you work in this business and have to some extent to tow the party line. I wanted to be president, and I sold my soul in some ways, saying some things I knew weren’t right, thinking that I could make it right when I got in. Well that never happened, and, if it had, I would have still been tethered to that party apparatus.

These guys today are not too different. They want to look like heroes, but they behave like mice. Marie Yovanovitch, that’s the hero. She walked over to that Congress, never looked back, and showed every one of them what it is to be a man. And yeah, I meant it like I said it because that woman showed all of us men who think with our egos and our lower extremities that courage and integrity don’t have a gender preference.

A: OK. What else?

JMcC: What else. Yeah. It’s comin, Annie. It’s coming, and when it does these sniveling little cowards had better have their bunkers ready because nothing will save them then.

What we need are people of integrity. We need to line them up in a row and put them in power. The problem is, there aren’t that many.

A: Who?

JMcC: Sherrod Brown. Can’t stand his politics, but the guy can’t lie for nothing. Adam Schiff if he can keep his balance and his ego in check. And there are others. I know it's hard for you to hear words you don’t know so I'm having trouble getting some names across. But they are there. And it’s not too late for them to take a stand. My old buddies Burr from North Carolina and even Chuck Grassley could, if they wanted, come over to the light because they are not that far gone. If they could but realize that they are losing anyway, they might find the courage.

I keep hoping, Annie, but I don’t see it happening right through this gap.

A: You found the courage. A lot of people have healthcare because of you.

JMcC: Yeah, but I was on my way out and had nothing to lose.

A: Then why don’t these people who are retiring step up? I just do not understand it.

JMcC: They want their friends to love them, they want their Trump constituents to love them, and they keep thinking they’re better than the alternative, but they’re not. They are the alternative.

So what I want to say to all you folks, is, tell the truth as you know it. Listen cause you might not know it, and, as Don Cerow said, get right with God. We got a long way to go but the wheels are moving.

A: Do you wish you were alive to push things along?

JMcC: No, oddly enough, not really. I have moments of frustration for sure when I could just shake the stuffing out of some of those stuffed shirts, but I had my go and have another role now and my own work to do.

A: Which is?

JMcC: Well, working on my own stuff which I won’t bore you with here, but I have a lot it to keep me busy. And trying to help folks to hear or see what I see now - which is that there is no free lunch, you’re gonna have to step up sooner or later, so sooner is easier on everyone.

January 18, 2020

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab.

**Don Cerow. See "Astrologers" under "Resources" tab.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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