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John McCain: Take A Moment To Rest And Give Thanks

Elijah Cummings and John Lewis

Ann: John, I feel you with me but not with your usual energy.

John: You have that right, Annie. I am getting tired. I have no excuse because I see with the eyes of the eternal that the earth and all its inhabitants will persevere and prosper. And yet I feel in my heart the weight and weariness that beset those of you who are slogging through this time of confusion and darkness. Though I welcome John Lewis as another bright star in our firmament, his passing so soon after Elijah Cummings's, is just one more blow for our country and our people to sustain.

I know that all of you feel the heaviness left by their departure.

Sometimes in the midst of difficult transitions, it is well to take some time out to rest your eyes from perpetual movement, from impact of yet another outrage, followed by another, then another and another. It seems interminable, but it is not. It is just tiring, and rest is required to be able to come back to this struggle renewed. You know, folks, when you push the darkness back, you shouldn’t be too surprised when it pushes back.

What I want you to take away from the exhaustion you may be feeling now is that it is contagious and not just among those who have been fighting the good fight. Even those who tied their wagons to this lunatic’s star are having second thoughts. It is getting harder to accept let alone justify one power grab after the other, all aimed at dismantling this country’s safeguards so that His Royal Idiocy can rule unobstructed.

Many are beginning to see past their own anger and disaffection with the past limitations and transgression of government to the undeniable fact that the “solutions” offered by Himself are in fact just creating more problems and not just for the short run. Disaffection and incompetence is on show for all to see as is the inability to deal with or even grasp reality. It will not stand, and the worse it gets, the more a consensus will gather for rectification.

My friends, I ask you to take a moment to rest your eyes from this debacle, to close them and seek renewal from those gifts in our lives for which we are fighting, our families and loved ones, our flowers, our children, our health, and our laughter. These are still with us. They provide us sustenance and inspiration. We must not forget to take our rest and renewal among the beauty and love that has been granted us.

In remembrance of John, Elijah, and others who have seen clearly who we are and who we are meant to be, offer the gifts that we received from them to others who stand in the wings ready to carry on their legacy. They will need your strength and support, your laughter and your tears. They are there, look for them, the new leaders rising to the challenges of today.

Do not despair, just rest for a bit. We have your back.

Rune Pull Today: Gebo. The gift of partnership, union and reunion.

Crystal Card: Blue Chalecdony. Slow down, restore balance and serenity.

July 20, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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1 Comment

Carol Baum
Carol Baum
Jul 20, 2020

"It will not stand, and the worse it gets, the more a consensus will gather for rectification." I hope so. Thank you Ann and John.

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