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John McCain: Trumpty Dumpty Is Going!


John McCain: Hey Annie, let’s you and me get something going here. Doncha love how the fat flawn is going down in flames? Now I know we’re not supposed to be gleeful, and certainly I would never be a part of such, but hey, presto, Bernstein brings down another one, and all the King’s horses and all the King’s men… well, you know the drill.

Not that that means we can relax, “Clean up on aisle 45, all hands on deck.” Because, yeah, he’s gonna lose, but he’s gonna take down everything he can get his hands on as he goes.

We will be cleaning up for years to come, which, for all you fair-weather friends out there, is a good thing because we need a re-haul not a reform. We need to hold people accountable in every walk of life and at the same time give 'em something to live for. It’s a big job.

Ann: Is Biden up for it?

John: You bet he is. He has lived his life for this moment, and he will not let us down. He’s no fool, and he knows his odds, so he will start out putting in place those folks he can trust to hose out the stables and get them in working order even if he falls by the wayside.

Yeah, he’ll probably kiss a few frogs along the way, but everyone does, you, me, and every reader out there. But these frogs are real educators, and Joe is not afraid to learn.

So buck up, champs, we’re on our way. His every big setback from now until the election will be a really big reveal, and the cumulative weight of one after the other after the other will not go unnoticed by even the Trumpiest of voters – at least those who still have a brain to call their own.

The rest will have to work it out amongst their handlers.

Don’t be surprised if you see an internal feeding frenzy as some of them take to the streets just to feel that they are alive.

I have news for them. They’re not. There have been clones ready to take on the cult leader’s persona since the beginning of time so why should we escape? The difference is that this time they’re just not big enough to take us down.

I am hoping for a kick-ass AG to start on hosing out the accumulated filth in those government’s stables, particularly the Congress where such filth has backed up so bad that, other than Mitt Romney, there seem to be no Republican – and not all that many Democrats - with a modicum of a moral compass.

Ann: Who do you want?

John: I want a Republican hard ass. Mueller would have been perfect in his day if he had not been hamstrung, and, even then, weakened as he was, he sat up in Congress and told us that our country was being sold down the river to the Russians.

Ann: Who?

John: One of those boys that worked for Mueller would be my choice. They would have a head start and know what they’re dealing with. Preet Bharara would be good, but there are a lot of good ones to choose from. Somebody who's a top prosecutor and a good administrator cause it’s a big job all round.

It’s happening, Annie, we can’t quite see the end of it, and some of us, like myself, will go down for the count in this war of attrition, but we are pulling it out. God bless Bob Woodward and all those press bulldogs that will take His Royal Idiot – and his enablers in Congress and elsewhere – down to where the sun don’t shine.

There are going to be big eruptions, massive fallout, and changes that take time to implement, but don't panic. The new country is going through its birthing pains now to create something worthy of the God of our founders and all the people of color they forgot to notice.

This will be an inclusionary and diverse government, not perfect but functioning with its eyes on the prize of right not wrong. Some of us won’t live to see it, but we can take comfort in the fact that its genesis is now and not to be denied.

Note the day our enemies reveal themselves.

September 11, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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38 Σχόλια

25 Σεπ 2020

Karen....she professes to channel Jesus.

What part of "NO masks" concerning Jesus dies and dies not speak to you and why?

Tina either IS or is NOT authentically and without ego or reproach channeling Jesus.

Do you prefer Tina over Jesus? The message of Jesus is an entirety - not what is of convenience during a pandemic.

Μου αρέσει

Karen Grace
Karen Grace
25 Σεπ 2020

In terms of Tina's 40 Days, I'm only up to day 10 so I haven't heard the "no masks" of day 12 yet but I would suggest that it might be good to not "throw the baby out with the bathwater" just because one part doesn't resonate if all the rest does, which it has for me so far.

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24 Σεπ 2020

Never be embarrassed to have learned - ever. We are all learning and seeking....we are human.

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Amy David
Amy David
24 Σεπ 2020

I’m not going to do anything more with Tina. We have probably said enough. I learned about her from a couple of people here so I wanted to share my experiences after the fact. I think we need to all be careful who we recommend and I followed up with people I share her videos with to say I changed my mind. How embarrassing. But we can all get it wrong. Sometimes we buy a book we end up not liking. It’s just a mistake. im going to stop talking about it Now and shake off this negative experience And leave it in the past.

thanks to all who gave input. I’m going to cease writing about it more.…

Μου αρέσει

24 Σεπ 2020 I stated previously....a bit of vetting and background checking regarding Tina might behoove many....blind followers usually choose blindness for a reason.

Μου αρέσει
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