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John McCain: We Have No Secrets From Spirit

This morning in my meditation I was feeling like I needed to hide my shameful side from the world - or at least my nearest and dearest, not to mention whatever Higher Power was hanging around. The last person I expected showed up.

John McCain: You have to get over this notion that any of us have anything to hide. It just ain’t so. Man, woman, child, anyone with consciousness has to realize that there is a universal thread that connects us all.

Ann: Seriously, John? Is this your bailey wick? And aren't you overdressed? (He was wearing a suit.)

John: (Smiling) I come in a form familiar to you so that you can recognize me, but in reality I, like many others, come as a spirit entity to offer council and comfort regarding your sufferings and fears which I understand because I too fought that dragon.

And from that, Annie, I understand surrender. Not surrender to evil, for that we must never do, but surrender to any notion that we need to protect what we see as shameful, be they actions or thoughts or bodily forms or illnesses. We are all the same no matter how we appear.

The first step is to accept our own insignificance before the sacred and eternal truths. We have nothing to hide, not our bodies nor our worst inclinations. We take everything we have and give it to Spirit.

Once we do that, we can step back look down upon our little lives and see the trajectory that we have embarked in coming to this planet and then, hopefully, can get out of our own way. Then if need be, if evil crosses our path, we can fight to the death with a clean heart, without hatred but with the undiluted power of our knowledge that we are doing what we came here to do.

We are all Knights Templar, crusaders for the Light, armies marking off the dark places and setting out to drive them back. They will never be destroyed completely, but they can be contained and their energies recalibrated. It is up to us not to falter.

Annie, that temper of yours can be put to good use, just make sure it is rightly directed. Most of us are stronger than we think, we simply have to claim our strength on the non-personal level, the spiritual dimension, with the sacred energy of the Creator, of Yggdrasil, the energy which gave us our guardian angels and guides.

And yes, I guess I’d have to count myself among that crowd at this point.

Ann: I think you’d look good with wings, John….

John: So did my mother, thank you very much, you should see some of my baby pictures. But I’ll wear them or whatever form gets the job done.

So you take heart, Annie, and take that boost your got this morning that took you out of the nitty gritty matters that were consuming you and let you see what is important. That’s the light of discernment and that’s what will keep you steady.

Ann: Thanks, John, you are such a gift.

John: Yes, indeedy I am.

September 10, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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4 comentarios

Marylee Losardo
Marylee Losardo
11 sept 2021

Ann, I have a question, tho truth be told, I think I know the answer: Why are all the psychics, and intuitive astrologists and tarot readers DEMOCRATS?

Me gusta

Marylee Losardo
Marylee Losardo
11 sept 2021

I just love John McCain. Sometimes I quote him when doing my political work on Twitter - under “What would John McCain say?” They are very powerful (of course) and very popular!

Me gusta

11 sept 2021

I agree, you and John are both gifts to us out here in internetland and I'm very grateful to be able to come here and learn so much from all of you over this last year. John always puts things in perspective and I need to hear this right now.

Me gusta

11 sept 2021

Have to say I really like John McCain in spirit as he is sooo real! I went back and reread these words several times:

Once we do that, we can step back look down upon our little lives and see the trajectory that we have embarked in coming to this planet and then, hopefully, can get out of our own way.

I believe getting out of our own way is one of the hardest challenges because of the ego. It just never wants to let go. Mr. McCain - thank you! And thanks to you also Ann for sharing this message.

Me gusta
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