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John McCain Weighs In

I guess I shouldn't have asked if I didn't want to hear.

John McCain: Well, good morning, Ann, did I hear you just throw down a gauntlet? I do believe you did. Well, I always enjoy a good-natured challenge, and I am happy to weigh in here, never could resist an opportunity to share my opinions. So....

I love Bernie, but I do not love his foreign policy chops or the angle from which he makes his decisions. However, from my most recent perspective, I have developed, shall we say, a more balanced point of view, but nevertheless still believe that while participating in the human experiment, care must be taking for protection. Ann, you and Anita,* have both had experiences of non-human interference from dark forces. Why would it be any different for human forces on the planet? So we must remain vigilant and use our defensive powers and aggressive instincts wisely.

With this in mind, I am partial to Buttigieg in the Democratic field, wet behind the ears though he may be, but Joe or Bernie could handle the job if they got it, and they know their way around the world stage. I also have a good sense of the balance that Amy Klobuchar brings to the scene so she is another one to watch if and when she gives more substance on her foreign policy leanings. And then there is Mike Bloomberg….

One thing you can be sure of is that the tub of lard in the White House hasn’t a clue. It pains me to say that any one of the Democratic candidates would better serve us than our current so-called leader. The only one I would run from - though I would vote for him in a minute over Trump - is Steyer. Just don’t think we need another billionaire who requires on the job training. These guys have rarely if ever have had anyone say no to them and that puts them behind the eight ball when they actually have to listen to other people and negotiate.

We need to be able to talk to each other so that is what I would look for in a candidate aside from the obvious qualifications. The world coming will be very different from the one we have today. Toughness will be required, courage and judgement with no quarter given to deceit or cowardice. But having said that, a community of souls is the only way we will be able to save this planet, and so I ask for heaven’s intervention on behalf of all who aspire to this office and hope that their own self-awareness will grow to inform them of where they are strong and where they fall short so that they will ask for help when they need it – which, if history –and my experience - is any judge, will be all the time.

We are heading into a tricky time where balancing of competing interests is required.

Ann: OK, thank you. But I have to ask, you have a favorite, don’t you?

JMcC: Not biting, Annie, it’s just too important to make a call at this time. And, as Fred says, you never know what can happen.

January 11, 2020

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab above.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Jan 12, 2020

Ann, can we get JFK to weigh in on the democratic field? He was able to save us from the brink of nuclear war with the Soviet Union through deterrence. Miraculous, especially since he did not follow the advice of the military brass.

Ellen, I agree. Pete is corporate.


Jan 11, 2020

Ann, I would like to know more about this. "Ann, you and Anita,* have both had experiences of non-human interference from dark forces. "


Jan 11, 2020

Thank you! It’s good to hear his response even if I don’t agree with some of it. I can see why he would favor Mayor Pete - I see him as a Republican in a Democrat suit. And Amy isn’t on my short list. But I hadn’t thought of some things he said like his response to Steyer. Very good point ! I’m still a Bernie fan. I believe Biden would be business as usual, not what we need. That’s how we got the tub of lard.


Jan 11, 2020

I'm so glad Senator McCain weighed in on this subject, I respect the man and his opinions. It is a time for voting action and show we aren't going to let the disaster of Trump forge on without consequences. We need to come out as one very big and solid voting block against Trump anything less and Trump wins and if we think he's bad now just wait until he has nothing ahead to deter him or slow him down. I'm very worried about our future.

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