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Kano, Kenaz, The Torch, and Covid-19

In this beautiful depiction of the Kano Rune by Alex Borrison at, we see the power and possibilities portended by this rune. I asked Richard to explicate.

Caveat: However, what I heard did not sound or feel like Richard. Instead of stopping and looking into the matter, I ignored the niggling doubts and went ahead anyway because there was such pressure to get this out immediately. That was not a good decision, and I am working on being more vigilant in the future.

Even though it turned out it to be an accurate and helpful message - and I have therefore included it below - access of any spirit to your psyche or mine needs to be premised upon full disclosure and informed consent by the channel. Otherwise, channeling can be a dangerous occupation. For a fuller explanation, please see next post where I am channeling the real Richard Burton. I think you will be able to distinguish the speakers, and he offers those of us working in the intuitive field an invaluable lesson. Please let me know your thoughts on both these posts.

"This is a blessed time, a time that was foretold.

It is upon us. Let us rise to the occasion and give our hearts to God."

Entity: This rune is the critical symbol for our time. According to Thorsson,* it is the rune that "portrays the mystery of regeneration through death or sacrifice. This is the fire rune, that is, fire under human control in the form of the torch. ”

And this is where we stand today. This is what we have been waiting for, the fire that, with our understanding and direction, can cleanse and regenerate. Yes, some or even all of us may be called upon for sacrifice or death - if not literally, then in relinquishing some essential part of our existence. All of us are asked to withdraw, to cleanse, to regroup and to allow the fire virus currently consuming the planet to burn away all within us that does not serve the love of the Creator.

No longer can we turn to wealth and power to protect us. Those at the highest levels of society and government are no more immune than the lowliest chimney sweep. We ask in your name, O Lord, that we be made worthy of what is asked of us and that we emerge with our vision cleared to see what Source has provided for our nourishment in the created world.

Those who are weak will need help. That must be our priority. Those who are strong must cede some of that strength to allow those who have not yet played into the cosmic forces in creating their own destiny to do so. This is not a time of edicts, this is not a time of top-down direction. This is not a time of kings.

This is the time for community to regenerate. The incubation of souls requires separation and cloister to provide the fallow soil which can nurture seeds of cooperation and communication. The society as it stands must fall. We are all complicit. We are silent or not-so-silent partners in the systematic abuse of our natural world and heavenly gifts, we have each of us contributed to the need for this essential cleansing, and we must each take this cleansing into our souls.

Our Lord said, “The fire next time.” Kano is the fire. Kano is the cleansing agent that drives all before its fearsome power, and the light of its relentless glow will allow each and every one of us to reassess, to come to a holy understandings of our own soul’s place in the created universe.

We are one whole. We cannot function separately though each of us plays a critical part. We are and must strive for union. And paradoxically this re-union must be fed by separation, sacrifice, and suffering in order for us to grasp on a soul deep level that which was our birthright, that we are the embodiment of Universal Love, not just one to oneself, but one to another.

Each of us must allow his or her unique vision to emerge , to grow and to become a new way of being. We are at a crossroads. Let us stop and hold back any decisive movement until the cleansing is complete, until we can see clearly our own unique path that puts us shoulder to shoulder and side by side with each other.

Take this time for study and contemplation, for physical work, for ordinary chores that offer ecstatic discovery. This is a blessed time, a time that was foretold. It is upon us. Let us rise to the occasion and give our hearts to God.

March 14, 2020

*Edred Thorsson, Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic.

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1 Comment

Mar 15, 2020

Definitely not Richard. Though I appreciate how direct and succint the message is. Perhaps at this juncture this message and it's time might take precedence over Richard's more poetic and flowery messages, though they certainly are lovely and appreciated.

Time will tell, will it not?

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