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Mary Magdalene, Fred Rogers, Richard Burton: Patience

Real patience is not waiting for the resolution you desire,

but instead having patience with your Creator,

trusting in the cosmic cycle of expansion and love.

Ann: Miriam, Fred?

Miriam: We are both here, Richard also.

Fred: Miriam, you go ahead, I can wait. (Smiling) After all we are discussing patience, are we not?

Miriam: That we are, Fred, and, as you may have noticed patience, is one of the qualities required for conversations with Ann.

Richard: That it is. I have found over the relatively small number of years since my passing that the nearly impenetrable shell that many humans surround themselves will not only test the patience of a saint but requires the rest of us offering our services to possess our souls in patience and develop as many innovative ways of making contact as there are humans on the planet. And yes, I’m speaking to you, Ann, you stubborn old thing.

Ann: (Smiling) You should know, Richard.

Richard: And indeed I do, touché, Madame. Spiritual work always involves the cultivation of patience as we are both learning.

Miriam: It is not only a lifelong lesson, but one which continues through multiple dimensions as we move on in our spiritual journeys. There were many eons when I was apart from Jesus, not in spirit of course, but in our work, in our journeys. Each of us had to find our own way, expand own essence and the unique gifts with which we were endowed for the furtherance of the creative adventure.

Fred, you taught patience, can you say a word here?

Fred: With the greatest pleasure - though not to assume that I traveled the human journey wreathed in smiles and eternal patience as some have thought. Many times I railed inwardly at the cruelty, the brutalization of children whose developing bodies, minds, and spirits required listening and guiding. That is not possible if those in whom their wellbeing is reposed are screaming at the top of their lungs.

So I made sure, as best I could, that I was not one of those. And it was not easy. I was ridiculed, blocked in many ways from access to those places where I felt I could have been of assistance. But I learned, for the human experience is a rough school where patience is either learned or self-destruction is assured.

Ann, I see your mind wander off into your own particular struggle with patience at this time. Here is where real patience comes in, not patience waiting for the resolution you desire, but patience with your Creator, trusting in the cosmic cycle of expansion and growth, trusting that all things work together for good even when, maybe especially when, we cannot see the endgame.

Instead, we wait without expectation, tend our own garden as best we can, acknowledge our sorrow, but do not dwell on it, for there is still much work to be done.

Miriam: Yes. Though we grieve sometimes as I did during my separation from Jesus, we still continue on with single minded focus on our mission which is the extension of our Creator’s love in all that we touch, all that we create in our lives on the planet.

Richard: And off.

Miriam: Yes, Richard, and off, for, as you point out. our work does not cease at death but simply moves on in another arena. And, if that means we must jump up and down to get your attention, so be it, for that is another, though perhaps a bit offbeat, expression of patience.

So, my lovelies, find your own well of patience, however it may be designed, and with it your trust that creation continues on an upward spiral.

October 21, 2021

Free Image: Pixabay. garnett.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Nov 15, 2021

To use a quote from the author of my favourite childhood book [ and as an adult too! ]

'' Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there someday. ''

A. A. Milne. Winnie-the-pooh

Thank you Ann and everyone ❤️️💛


Oct 21, 2021

Well, Ann, three spirit guides with a strong, loving message that we but have to turn just a little to the right and accept the help our guides wish to give us. Much thanks!

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