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Merlin: Alchemy, The Foolproof Method

Sometimes we are dealt a blow from out of left field, a gut punch with no explanation, something that carries more darkness than the ordinary downturns which all of us suffer. Last night I heard Merlin saying that, in those times, you must become an alchemist.

Merlin: I come to you today and to your readers all of whom struggle with the onslaught of evil. Yes, I call it that. It is not something that can be undone by understanding and psychotherapy. It is a dedicated desire to possess and destroy. It is a darkness determined to extinguish light. It is an Armageddon in individual form.

But it is not all powerful, and it is a many sided entity. It has within it the seeds of light and greatness. It requires, however, the addition of magic, the performance of ritual, faith, and transfiguration to elevate is dross, its lead center, into gold.

It is then that I ask each of your to become alchemists. Take that which is aimed at you in hate and transform it into the gold of spiritual commitment and love.

Alchemy was a real practice and a skill taught in ancient times, and, thankfully, it is not dead. It is applicable now in its most elemental form, that is, the transformation of dark energy into empowered and radically concentrated light.

Each of you has the power and, dare I say it, the obligation to undertake this task. Not to claim your brother’s lead and take it to the river to shine it up into fool’s gold, but to take the arrows of darkness, their tips embedded with poison, aimed so strategically to your heart, not necessarily the heart within your body, but the heart of your light in this world, and use its energy to empower your own transformation.

Darkness attempts to extinguish your desire for life, your belief in light, and your commitment to carry out the love-based creation of this and every other world in the cosmos. This is the arrow that must be turned into gold.

And nothing could be simpler really. You have only to take into your heart your Creator’s love for you and your essential presence in Creation to provide yourself with an impenetrable shield against any darkness aimed at your core.

Look not to your enemy, look not to its many flaws and failings. Look instead to the gold in your own heart, the love that has blossomed in your life in many improbable ways. Lift your eyes to the light, lift your sword of laughter and love, and let any attempt at despair and surrender bounce off your shield until it vibrates with the highest tone in the universe, the creative power of love.

This is where your focus must be. Eliminate anything else from your life. Deal with what you must to live in the world, all the while saying to yourself:

I live in my Creator’s love,

I belong in my Creator’s love,

I ask nothing but my Creator’s love,

It is my great privilege to spread that love to my fellows.

Trust me, nothing can get by this. You may feel foolish, gullible, or naive, but set that aside, and try out unquestioning allegiance to the light that created you. Lift that sword aloft, lift that shield in front of you, and all darkness will fall before you.

And then it is that the lead once lodged in your heart will give way before the truth of the golden love of the Creative Force. Rejoice in that light and love every time it is challenged, for every transformation of darkness adds to the brilliance of the creative spark within you.

September 5, 2022

Free Image Credit: Wikimedia, The three phases of the Magnum Opus: Nigredo, Albedo, Rubedo (from Pretiosissimum Donum Dei, published by Georges Aurach in 1475).

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Nov 23, 2022

Just felt I needed to reread the messages from Merlin about alchemy in daily transformations, and I forgot how helpful and meaningful this message is! I love the fact that Merlin again spoke of much of the same message from the others on the Team to put your Focus on the light above to help you in your daily journey and to Love and Rejoice every time your light is challenged by darkness - ohhhh that totally changed how I view all the times I have such big Fear! Many thanks!


Marylee Losardo
Marylee Losardo
Sep 06, 2022

I believe this. I have used a similar mantra! Thank you all!

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