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Merlin: Friendship

If friendship is real, only ego can sever the ties.

Recently Merlin came to me to speak of a friendship recently lost to me. His voice was so clear in my head that I did not need to write in order to hear. Later he came back to offer this for the blog.

Merlin: Almost everyone has suffered the demise of a friendship, sometimes unlamented and sometimes traumatic. This is not surprising as the ways of the world tend to throw us together in dramatic circumstances which may or may not hold up under future developments.

I have lived on the planet more than once, often as not to an advanced age. and I have seen the trauma that such separation can bring. I can say without exception that, if friendship is real, only ego can sever the ties.

I lived my most famous life in a time of extreme strife and struggle. One wrong step and life was over - and that was often one of the milder consequences. Yet friendship, when it endured, did so because understanding, connection, and karmic bonds were stronger than ego.

I see today the same drama play out in a myriad of variations, but in every case where the friendship failed, the ego of one or, more often, both, parties could not bear the challenge to its own authority and thus retreated to nurse its grievances, let them condense until their very center became unyielding, and then nothing, not the most grievous tragedy or exalted offering, could penetrate the fossilized core. Then friends become nothing more than hard marble balls clanging and bouncing off of each other.

Try not to let this happen if you can see it coming, or, if it has already occurred, find your own lessons and move on to a kinder, gentler space where even those who have done you wrong deserve understanding and respect, where the other's challenges are recognized as legitimate in the context of a life that you can only see through a glass darkly.

Then no matter whether the friendship lives or dies in the moment, love remains.

May 7, 2023

Rune: Wunjo, ᚹ,. Friendship, karmically attuned attachment.

Free Image Credit: Pixabay, steinchen.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes.

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4 comentários

11 de mai. de 2023

I have stopped talking to two persons close to me. And I feel free. Any relationship with friends or relatives cannot be one-sided. I felt I was giving more than I was getting. It became a heavy burden and I could not deal with the lack of empathy and compassion anymore. It is better to walk away before the situation become too bad. Thank you for the message, Ann and Merlin


10 de mai. de 2023

Thank you Merlin and Ann. I'm sorry you lost a friend Ann 💜. [ btw Ann - your '' test '' post wouldn't open, but I did receive 2 from this one! lol ].


10 de mai. de 2023

2 things that come to mind: Shakespeare in Hamlet, There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so and Jesus’ saying to be in this world but not of it.

As Jesus showed us, not even the death of the body can take the peace of God away from you. It is ok to grieve as humans but do you deserve psychological pain because people change ?

Spiritual Alchemy is to change everything for good in our Earth School of learning , to ascend us to be like our father.

10 de mai. de 2023
Respondendo a

Dude Jesus really say such a thing?


Or did men as a result of the politics of the day?

Emotional pain is a choice amongst a plethora of choices to be made.

Joy, relief....also choices.

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