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Merlin: Travelling Between Worlds

Being human is a tremendous endeavour, more so as you become aware of the multiple influences operating on your system.

Ann: Good evening, Merlin, thank you for coming. Not only am I pleased to hear/see you, but one of my readers requested that you return.

Merlin: Good evening, Ann. I appreciate the invitation and the kind thoughts. It is always a pleasure to be with you.

I want to speak this evening about the challenges of being a spiritual being lodged in a physical body on a planet with a strong gravitational pull. The pressures of earthly matters, particularly those affecting the body, can sometimes infect the mind - and even the spirit - with doubt and insecurity, and sometimes in spite of our best efforts, we become mired in these concerns.

My dears, these swings go with the terrestrial landscape and are nothing to be worried about - though they can be disconcerting. We are a unified system: our physical bodies, our cognitive abilities, and our spiritual lives. The latter, if brought into full consciousness, would rapidly overwhelm the other two, and so it is that for many people memory and consciousness are kept to dreams, intuitions, prayers, and momentary connections.

But as many of you will have noticed, these expand with use. Then, if one ventures further afield, thereafter you may find yourself in a period of adjustment. This is not a worry, but perhaps an indication that more immediate attention needs to be paid to your transitional skills.

Imbalance can occur as you swing back from spiritual vision to the more discordant clang of everyday matters. Each person has a different rhythm with this process, different triggers, and different reactions, but the direction is always the same and that is the expansion of consciousness. When you come to recognize your own process, you can then develop coping mechanisms to balance any outsize swings.

So, for example, if you have a meditation or an experience that brings you out of yourself into surroundings of pure joy and light, there may be some little backlash as you come down from this state of being. It can be something as simple as a cold or some little physical ailment, a bout of fatigue, irritation, or a spot of low spirits.

Whatever the reaction, it will not last if met with respect, rest, and understanding of the nature of its genesis. Awareness will allow you to keep one step ahead of any little downturn and not fall into the lower emotions.

So, if you find yourself in a moment of spiritual elevation or holy joy, give yourself time and self-care to readjust as you return to your planetary life. Meditation, gardening, cooking, working with animals or with your hands often serve this purpose very well because attending to mundane tasks provides a relatively smooth transition back.

Being human is a tremendous endeavour, more so as you become aware of the multiple influences operating on your system. Therefore, it is always beneficial when one of these little reactions occurs to spend some time analyzing the triggers. The downward shift really cannot be completely avoided because, each time you push a little further into spirit consciousness, you upset the earthly apple cart a bit.

Everyone is different in how they experience Spirit and also how they bring themselves back to Earth to then prepare for their next excursion outward. As you notice your particular patterns repeating, your skill in navigating the transition will increase, and you will find yourselves more and more comfortable living in both worlds.

January 15, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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2 commentaires

18 janv. 2021

Thank you, Monique, this is beautiful and a great help to me.


17 janv. 2021

This has got to be one of the most useful and so helpful message on how to move with and understand the real experiences we have while trying to navigate life in a full way, incorporating all aspects. I looked at what I do to cope if I happen to be focusing too much in one area, I always feel a disconnect, and I guess we have to harmonize it as best we can with the normal fluctuations. An interesting thing I do to get back to all is walking! While things I do are varied and depends on what feels right at the time, it seems walking, especially in nature, connects me to spirit by opening me up …

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