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Mother Mary

When we need help and ask for it, it is given - though perhaps not exactly as expected. I was asking for patience - definitely not my long suit. This is what I received.

"We are all on a continuum, Ann, and that continuum is inevitably leading to our union with the Divine.

Whether it is sooner or later is up to us."

Ann: Hello, Mother Mary, Anita* said you wanted to talk to me.

Mother Mary: Yes, Ann, I did ask Anita for the introduction. I am reaching out to you because I don’t think you have realized my presence in your life. You have never really had a mother figure that you can count on. I am a mother. That was and is my function and my role of service to the world.

The role of mother is not what people have often thought, that is, a self-sacrificing beatific creature who passively supports her children in whatever they choose to do. While unconditional love is always the guiding force in any Divine endeavour, the mother is not blind, nor does motherhood obliterate her personhood. She is, like you, a being striving for realization, realization as herself in her personality in the applicable life as well as in her relationship to cosmic forces. We are all on a continuum, Ann, and that continuum is inevitably leading to our union with the Divine. Whether it is sooner or later is up to us.

I was a woman struggling, much as many women are today, in a society that did not recognize the personhood of women. Though oppressive, this enforcement of the role stereotype gave some of us the opportunity for interior development as exterior achievement was denied us. Many of us lived in poverty, raising children who had little hope of health and unfettered growth. Nevertheless, the tragedies that beset us continually allowed us the opportunity to grow in interior strength in our daily lives and in our connection with God.

I loved my son beyond measure, but I understood in the midst of terrible grief that his role was that of emulator. Emulator of the Divine, the embodied and realized in one form, not losing the human in the connection with the Divine but realizing a transformation that came from complete surrender to the will of God. Now it is he that we must emulate, for each of us carries the Christ within.

Now all of this may seem irrelevant to your question, but that is not so, for you are embarking upon a journey which may subject you to stress and ridicule, so you must draw on your experience as a woman who has pushed boundaries elsewhere and suffered losses you could not counter.

(Telephone rings.) You hear now from your son who needs not only your love but also your backbone in helping him weather the difficulties in his life situation. So when you seek to understand your role, remember too that you are a mother who has fought her own battles, made her own mistakes, and suffered her own tragedies. It is from this place of strength and quietude that you can move onto whatever path Spirit has laid out before you.

Now that we have connected, you will not lose me. Go in peace with my blessing on you and all who read these words which blessing will be bestowed in turn on those in your lives.

November 20, 2019

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Peter Barker
Peter Barker
Jan 24, 2020

This reading helped me understand my own mother, thank you.


Nov 20, 2019

With all my heart thank you Ann and blessed Mother Mary🌷💞💐


Carol Baum
Carol Baum
Nov 20, 2019

So lovely. 💕


Nov 20, 2019

Beautiful channeling—-thank you.

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