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Mother Mary: We Are With You

I recently had a session with Reverend Denise Roberge* who channeled Mother Mary, among others, for me. And then I heard from the Blessed Mother last night. I share this because she speaks to all of us.

Ann: You have spoken through me to others and yet for some reason I have not connected at a heart level with you until now.

Mother Mary: Yes. Dear one, you needed an intercessor.

I come to you with only love in my heart and, through that love, hope for you to receive the Divine Love that created the cosmos. This concept is often too large for humans to accept, but it is the foundation of all that has been created, big or small, in your world, the planet and the universe at large.

You have allowed your human experiences to hold you back. By experiences I mean all in your life that which has smacked of betrayal, loss, illness, or death. Further, you are constantly aware on a soul deep level of the quintessential “unfairness” of the world you live in.

You have tried to rationalize, strategize, and pray away these doubts and confusions, but still you question even while you also accept and have experienced a heightened state of spiritual expansion.

I wish to become an integral part of your life. Not just as commentary for your blog, though I am honored to provide that service, but to be with you, with each of you, on a more personal level, a guide with whom you can speak your truth without fear as you have with my son.

He has enjoyed your conversations and connections, but there is a reason for male and female, and sometimes it takes a feminine energy to round out what is offered by the male wisdom figures in our world.

Miriam,** as you may know, was an intellectual and spiritual equal of the disciples, and her voice, (so much of it lost to time but which could be recovered here if you were so inclined) along with my own and other women of her time completed the circle of the message of hope and light offered to the world by Jesus.

We offer that message to you and, through you, to others. Each of us has been asked to do the same in our own way, and we, as your guides and resources, are thrilled beyond belief to when any of you adapt, warm to this mission, and reach out to us for assistance.

We will be with you at every step, every bump in the road, and every turning as we journey together to embody the truth of love’s all-encompassing role in Creation.

Rune: Ehwaz, ᛇ, Yew Tree, the connection among all levels of the multiverse, earth to the heavens and beyond.

September 18, 2023

**Mary Magdalene.

Free Image Credit: Pixabay

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8 comentarios

27 sept 2023

I for one could use some specifics in my life, that is for sure. Guidance on a much more personal level but it's also great to get the overall general idea. It all helps. I get what you are saying and agree.

Me gusta

19 sept 2023

Sometimes a Mother's love is all we need to gently and steadfastly ease the pain, heal the wound, soften the edge. Perhaps this is the balance to expand the heart and thus tap into the cosmos and complete the circle.

Me gusta

19 sept 2023

Mary's love for us, her children, is so strong and deep, there is nothing we cannot ask of her. Our task is to trust she is there for us and wants what is best for us. She has said "if you knew how much I loved you, you would cry with joy." Her love will show the way.

Me gusta
19 sept 2023
Contestando a

Agreed,religion is a way to control the masses.

Who's version, who's brand, who's politi, who's present day representative of "love" might you suggest?

My understanding of "love" might differ for yours.

The guy who just murdered his wife and three children in the name of God's love possibly disagrees with us both.


This might explain my pressing query to Mary.

Or, not.

I'm not one to back down.

Ask Pete.

Me gusta

19 sept 2023

Thank you for the beautiful message from Mother Mary. 💙 I have been feeling her energy and presence sometimes while in deep prayer and meditations. She has listened to me when I feared for my love ones well being, and has let me know that it was going to be alright, and it was! 💙 One of many times I prayed to her for comfort and she always finds a way to let me know that she is here.💙

Me gusta

19 sept 2023

As "humans", is it not intentionally a part of our incarnation NOT to understand, not to comprehend, to know these feelings of disillusionment, etc?

It seems, thus far, there is great purpose in this, um, crap, though going through said, um, crap, sucks.

As humans, we try, as we might to comprehend "love" as we know and experience it, versus what Mary expresses; pray tell, please be more succint, Mary/Miriam.

I/we/us truly desire a direct and succint message, as much as this message is appreciated- at least it gives us a sign you are listening.

And THIS is helpful, to each one of us.

What human does NOT "hold oneself back" for whatever reason(s)?

Seriously, could you please be more…

Me gusta
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