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Mother Mary: Energy Not Image

In my meditation this morning, I heard these words:

I come to you today in spirit not in image.

Mother Mary: Good morning, Ann, thank you for hearing my words. The image, as you know, is simply for reference when the particular vibration is not yet recognizable, but it is our vibration that makes us known to ourselves and others. It is our vibration that offers comfort or, alternatively, instills fear.

In the Christmas season I ask that you listen for the highest vibration coming from your center. Notice also that of those who come into your orbit. This is the means of heartfelt communication. This is the eternal and still evolving energy that allows us to form a part of the God’s great creation.

My first born son had a vibration that pulled others to him even before he was born. The myth of his birth in a stable has much to offer. Animals were drawn to him, complete strangers aided me in that fearsome time and throughout his life and even thereafter. The hardship that we suffered was almost, (smiling) but not quite, dwarfed by the warmth and beauty of the heavenly vibration that came from that newborn babe.

For good or ill it followed him, nay, carried him, to the heights and depths that became his life. It did not make his life easy, but it was not to be denied, and he did not deny it.

Each of you has a fundamental vibration yearning to be allowed to lead the course of your life, to come front and center so that you and all you encounter will recognize its authenticity. Some may object, but many will respond. This is who you are. Have done with preoccupation with bodily image. Have done with earthly concerns that derail a spiritual life.

Listen to who you really are, and let your highest resonance sing your earthly song.

December 18, 2022

Free Image Credit: Pixabay, music4life.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Karen Grace
Karen Grace
Dec 19, 2022

This is powerful! We are vibrational beings, first and foremost.


Dec 18, 2022

Simply, beautiful.

It was yesterday, cleaning, I stopped briefly to guess we would next hear from Mary....

Dec 18, 2022
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