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Mother Mary: The Larger Lesson

I have been feeling like a rather small person lately, tending to take some external events personally even when I know it's not about me. So I asked Richard for help in getting back to center. He sent me to Mother Mary.

Richard: Yes, love, center, the seat of the soul, is the place we all strive to access but, as you have realized, the ego has other ideas. So it crafts the situation in the light that is most favorable to victimhood, allowing it and then you to blame everything on everyone else – including the gods even while you realize that you are being ridiculous, that the fates are the fates and not aimed directly at you.

Your head tells you that what you do with it is what counts, but your feelings are getting in the way of a “smooth transition” so to speak.

Awareness is your friend here, love, so keep it in the forefront always, that what you truly believe is of Source, of Jesus and what he, and more importantly, Mother Mary would do. She above all others understood that it was not all about her and can help you because she did not come to this understanding without great effort.

Mother Mary: (Laughing) Well, that is an understatement if ever I heard one! For God’s sake, I thought, I had to give birth to the Saviour of the world? Come on, let this cup pass from me as my son would say later in life.

Our lives in that day and time were hard. We lived under oppression, not just the spectre of it, but the reality and full expression of tyranny by the Romans. Our lives, even our thoughts, were not our own, and subterfuge was the order of the day.

We traveled by night, we hid by day. When we worked, we kept it on the down low. In short, we were a hidden people. And when that happens, your own soul goes under cover such that you do not dare listen to what it may be telling you because all of your energies are centered on getting through another day.

I knew he was special, I tried to help him fit in, be like the other boys, for he was tormented as a child. We like to think that such was his inner strength that the insults he suffered, the merciless teasing of what you would call today a pansy or a geek did not bother him, but that was far from the truth. He began his crucifixion then, when those he wanted to be his friends not only rejected him but ridiculed him unmercifully. His own family was impatient with his ways, thinking that, if he would just apply himself, he could make a good living, a decent life for himself even in the trying times that beset us.

He left home early, long before the recordings that you read about in the ancient scripts that are published today. In actuality, none of those scripts are accurate because they are not contemporary, for who at the time knew the momentous effect he would have on our world? To us he was a puzzlement and a worry, for how could a soul like this ever survive in the world?

He left home early, turning from his father and from me, for we could not give him what he needed which was the learning of sages, of rabbis of many faiths, of angels, and of Source. Those were not to be found with us.

When he left he looked into my eyes, into my energy, and saw me - he who would avoid my disappointed gaze at every opportunity - and I saw, I finally saw he was not of me, that it was not about me, that I was merely the vessel, one that he loved but not one that could define him, for he was of some other world.

I saw it. I saw it. And then I looked into my own soul and knew its worth only as the part I had come to play at this particular point in time. The suffering, the heartache then and to come were the mantels that I had to carry to fulfill my subsidiary role in this great drama.

None of it came to pass as it has been described. Jesus was a scholar, a rabbi, a seer, and a transmuted being living on more than one plane at once. We were asked to expand our vision, widen our auras, and take in what was happening from a broader perspective, the perspective of the continuum, not the small, infinitesimal space of time we were graced to be on the earth at that time.

I tell you all this so that you, so that anyone reading these words, will have a glimmer of the fractionally small part their present experience makes up of the whole, the whole belonging to each soul and the whole which is made up of each soul’s place in the great continuum.

We cannot see this when constrained by earth’s heavy atmosphere, but we can intuit its range based on our otherworldly senses, the senses that speak to us in whispers, in song, and in love coming from the cosmos and from those around us channeling that love.

I fought my way to this realization. I faltered over and over again as each blow, heavier than the last, fell upon my shoulders and my heart. But I had begun to see, and this is what is asked of each one of you. It is not about you. It is about the continuum and your small but vital part in same.

This is what you must tend too, and let every iteration - and there will be many - that the ego brings to bear to distract you from this realization bring a smile to your face, for those thoughts are nothing but the fantasies of a desperate trickster.

Keep your eyes on the heart of Jesus, the words of Buddha, the lessons of Great Spirit, of Allah, and the sun rising, the moon in the night sky, or whatever helps you to make your soul’s connection with Source.

This is all we can offer, all that we are asked to offer, and it is enough.

May 31, 2022

Free Image Credit: Pixabay, Genty.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Jun 02, 2022

I had to reread both the messages from the Arcturians, and from Richard and Mary, as I could feel how they were intermarried, and how again, we are connected to the same thoughts and growth on the spiral up. There is something in the energy now, maybe a maturity in building our foundation to be strong to be able to handle things good and bad. And something about the Foundation helped me feel secure inside, little effort needed on a strong foundation, so it makes sense to focus on the lower chakras, building blocks in the body, and feet on the ground. To get back on the horse at a faster pace than what took us in the learning phas…


Jane Basehoar
Jane Basehoar
May 31, 2022

LOVE these glimpses into the REALITY of what ACTUALLY occurred in the lives of Jesus and his Mother.


May 31, 2022

Certainly one of the most powerful, poignant and pointed posts yet, Ann; many thanks once again.

May 31, 2022
Replying to

Yeah, kinda shook me als.

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