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Peaceable Kingdom: Harriet Tubman

"...there ain’t nothing wrong with lovin’ both this world and the next,

so’s I’d advise you folks to git on with doin’ some of both."

Ann: Auntie, I gather you have something you want to put on the blog?

Harriet Tubman: Indeed I do. I be grateful to you all you folks that is listenin’ to the voice of yo’ Better Selves, that voice that comes sometimes when you least expects it, sometimes so quiet that you has to bend over real close to hear what it say, that knows what you need better than you do yo’self. Lots of you folks have these voices a’whisperin’ in yo’ ears, but you’re a’making too much noise to hear.

I wants to say to you, Miss Ann, that you not only has the ears to heah, but you got de sight also iff’n you will be still enough to let it come through. You still afraid somethin’ gonna reach out and grab you, but it ain’t so. Me and Richard and Cathy, we all be here to help, don’t you know?

Right now is the time to get the message out that you folks on the planet are just one step away from everything you want, that is the kinda love that created you, that holds you up and guides yo’ footsteps iff’n y’all will let go long enough to heah. So I’m asking all of you comin’ to this blog to take a few minutes to see who is talking to you. I be there if you want me and Richard and Cathy the same, and lots of other folks too.

It may seem strange since we seem so different, but our source is the same and that source is a joy beyond anything you can imagine if you ain’t there yourself. Y’all don’t always know that 'cause you ain’t seein’ right, you somehow thinks you'll be givin' up yourself and yo’ life if you surrender to that joy, but that’s who you are because that’s where you began.

It’s just a matter of comin’ back home. But this time when you get back there, you’ll see it different. You'll see it with eyes that know that you could have chosen something different. And then you know like you ain’t evah know’d before where you belong. Now y’all come along here, and stay with Auntie because she up heah lookin’ after you.

A: Auntie, am I making this up? The words are jumping around on the computer, I’m thinking someone else would be able to hear you better, and that I should have listened sooner since I knew you were here last night.

HT: Well, sure, but you just put that behind you as one of them human things that gets in the way sometimes. I'm here now and you can hear me, cain’t you?

A: In my head, yeah, but feeling like I might just be rambling on because I want to hear you.

HT: Girl, you go too much time to think. jes' keep on writin’ what you hear and stop this dithering.

A: OK, anything else you want to say?

HT: Sho do. I don’t want you worryin’ ‘bout my speech because that's how you can tell it’s me. You can hear my cacklin’ laugh and feel me looking down on that nice dinner you cooked yesterday and wishing I could still enjoy that good cookin’.

A: Really? I thought you were all full of joy up there?

HT: Now don’t you sass me, gal, there ain’t nothing wrong with lovin’ both this world and the next, so’s I’d advise you folks to git on with doin’ some of both. I purely did love that cornbread and those pies, and we knew they was hard come by so’s it made 'em even more delicious. Celebrate everything you got, your friends, your family, your good food and those precious little pups that’s a'lookin’ for a handout of some of that leftover turkey. Quit second guessin’ what you’re doin’ because what you doin’ is God’s work, honey. There can never be too many of you doin' this work so I’m a hopin' that with you, L’l Davey*, Miss Nita** and everyone we can reach answering the call, we can transform this planet into the peaceable kingdom it was meant to be.

November 29, 2019

*, ** See Resources.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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