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President Kennedy: Urgent Message

January 6, 2020 President Kennedy

Ann: President Kennedy, Anita said that you wanted to speak with me.

John F. Kennedy: Yes, and you have your back up about it, don’t you. Perhaps I was too forceful with Anita, but these are perilous times and my intent was to get the urgency across to her

A: Well, you did that, but she also said she felt she had been called into the oval office. What about what Fred said re no hierarchy in souls?

JFK: Yes, that is true, but there are difference in energies and powers of projection. It takes a considerable amount of both for those of us who have passed to get through to you still incarnated so I used what I had, that is the power of the presidential office to get her attention. Have you never wondered why you don’t hear from the man or woman on the street?

A: Yes, in a way but in a way not because I have never invited them in. My boundaries are not stable enough to be bombarded by millions of lost souls and so I count on Anita to let me know who needs to speak ad to vouch for them as it were.

JFK: So you let me in on her recommendation?

A: Yes.

JFK: So, on her recommendation will you let me say what I came here to say?

A: Yes, but I just want to be sure that you are from the light. That kind of imperious energy does not feel right to me. Tell me something that lets me know that you are from the light.

JFK: When I was a child of about six, I was given a bicycle by my father that I was supposed to learn to ride. My brother Joe was to teach me, but he didn’t want to spend time with a snively little kid, so he put me on and shoved it down a hill. I was terrified and came to grief in a spectacular fashion. So I understand what it is to have learned not to trust. Even though he made amends and our father took him to task, I learned, much as you have, that it is better to get clarification going in.

A: Yes we share that trait, but that doesn’t quite do it because I have no idea if that is true or just a ruse.

JFK: Geez, you are tough. Archangel Michael? Would you vouch for me?

Arichangel Michael: If Ann requests.

A: Yes, please, Michael.

AM: It is as he says. Though he was always held to have the common touch, Jack was not a trusting person and still is not today which is why he still tends to command rather than ask. But his heart is in the right pace, and he means neither you nor your readers harm.

I will stand by.

A: Please. OK, Mr. President.

JFK: Jack. I see I have much to learn here as well as much to impart. Please give Anita my apologies and let her know that her friend Jack will be in touch to offer them in person -so to speak.

As to the urgency of what I have come to say, you may recall the Bay of Pigs which was the international crisis that I confronted with Khrushchev over a nuclear missile sight in Cuba. These stand offs are dangerous in the extreme, and I was an untested president with fear in his heart but a great sense of responsibility to safeguard this people of this nation.

There is no such concerns on the part of the current president. He must be stopped by whatever means is necessary. World War III may or may not be inevitable but rash, intemperate, and bombastic action that treats the world as a private shoving only serves to hasten the timing. This is a time like that of the civil rights marches when whatever means at hand must be employed

We are not sheep led blindly to a preordained destiny. We have elected officials from the lowliest town official to that of the president. All hands must come on deck to reassert the rule of law, and that is through elected officials.

You say that those elected only care about holding their own office and fear the tyrant’s explosive and ungoverned temperament and so do not want to raise their heads to be blown to smithereens by one of his tweets and, worse yes, behind those, a mob-like sub-army of drones dedicated to retention of his power before all.

So go at them from that perspective. Write every letter you can think of to every office that represents you. Call and tell them they will be held to account, first your representatives at the town and state level, then the House and Senate.

Ann: This is all very well, Jack but it doesn’t make any difference because Republican voter don’t seem to care.

JFK: They will care that their sons and daughters will be called up for another useless war. This is the time to bring the errors of my administration and the one that followed to the fore. We have been down this path, and we know where it leads. Remember Vietnam and forget the politics. Raise the alarm on those who support these dangerous and unprincipled policies, who think, as did I, that we would just go in and raise the flag of freedom, and all would be well after we stomped the bad guys into the dust. We can only lead by example and the example of our own nation is dimming dramatically. Don’t’ just write. Show up. Talk go to every person who has a hand in this.

A: If our elected officials are already on our side what can we accomplish?

JFK: Let them know that you can get new ones if they cannot get through to their fellow congressmen. This is not a time for the status quo. Vote in every new face you can find who has the best interest of our nation at heart. Work for these people. And then make them accountable, make them understand why they are elected.

A:OK, but it won’t stop the Republicans because their people don’t seem to care.

JFK: Ann, you are not hearing me. A reckless action such as the one our president took such unholy joy in is a clear and present danger to all our people. Republicans can be brought to see this. There is an opening here brought forth on the heels of a reckless and ungoverned act of aggression from a president who has revealed the soft underbelly of his psyche, a psyche blinded by anything other than his own insecurities. It is beginning to be seen. Do your part to expose him completely.

January 6, 2020

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Jan 09, 2020

David - if in the near future you might read on Trump and the Senate's efforts to deny Disibility benefits to those of us relying upon it for 25+ years, mysrlf and many others would be profoundly grateful.


David Johnson
David Johnson
Jan 09, 2020

Wow is this accurate!


Jan 06, 2020

President Kennedy and his administration towered over the corrupt, lawless spectacle we are witnessing in Washington---the White House and with the GOP. I am very grateful to President Kennedy for pushing through and for Ann to receive his message. I call to support Pelosi and Schiff at their Washington offices at least weekly. These courageous Congresspersons are desperately trying to hold our democracy together by threads. Never underestimate your support that helps give them strength and confidence to keep the course.

Thank you President Kennedy for your wisdom and direction. We ALL need to take action daily to save our country and curb this madness.


Jan 06, 2020

Myself and millions of others

have are doing so. I will be wholly surprised if I physically survive this juncture in history, though I continue to rally on in search and in hope of something to grasp on to.

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