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Richard Burton: A Rambling Conversation

We are caught between two worlds

and can always use a little help with navigation.

Ann: Good morning, Richard.

Richard Burton: Good morning, love. I see you have been dipping into my highly edited “diary.”*

Ann: Yes, it seemed like somewhat of an invitation to get in touch. You were an amazing writer.

Richard: And that’s what I loved, putting the details of a story together in such a way as to awaken the senses to a new perspective. Alas, I did not follow those desires to their natural conclusion.

Ann: Alas?

Richard: Well no, never developed the discipline - nor the confidence to develop the craft. However, “Je ne regrette rien,”** as it all adds to the pile of learning that was and is the compendium of my existence.

Ann: And now you bring that pile of experience to me - and many others - for instructional purposes.

Richard: Indeed I do, love. It's the next best thing to being a don at Oxford – and a very similar endeavour I imagine as it would no doubt be as difficult to get the attention of war weary and sex starved students as to attract the notice of distractible humans who have become inured to entreaties from the other side amidst cacophony of the modern world – as your foray into other concerns just now so aptly illustrates.

Ann: Guilty as charged. They call it ADHD, but maybe it's just lack of focus. Anyway, I can’t remember what Anita*** suggested I ask you about, just came to talk after reading some of your “journal.” That seems like a better word than “diary.”

Richard: Yes, much improved. Diary sounds too much like the ramblings of a prepubescent teen - though in many ways I never graduated from that stage as for most of my life I carried the woes of the world and my particular heritage on my back while consorting with the ruling class I so vilified and enjoyed. Really it was a schizophrenic lifestyle.

As to what Anita was on about, why don’t you go back and check?

Ann: Aren’t you supposed to know everything?

Richard: Would that it were so, love, but I scramble much as you do even with my wider perspective. Since you do not want to get a cheat sheet, let us put our heads together to come up with a fitting subject for this morning’s exposition.

Ann: That sounds really serious and boring.

Richard: It does, doesn’t it? Instead let us look at something trivial, say, the arc of history that has taken place over our two most recent lifetimes and remark upon the repetitive nature of the ups and downs, cycles that fade then come round again, fade, come round, etc., etc., etc.

It seems endless, even hopeless, and yet it is not. We each add our little twig to the fire of illumination. and though it may seem that for many years , eons even, nothing happens, it will, love, it will.

There will be that moment when the flame reaches dry grass and takes off into a mighty conflagration. Destructive, yes, perhaps, but cleansing withal, clearing away the underbrush, the hurt, and inconsistencies in the way we have perceived our mission on this planet.

Ann: Oh yeah, I remember now, that was it, I wondered if you could tell me my mission. Probably not, right?

Richard: Righteo, love. Otherwise it would not be yours. We must all come to an understanding of our own purpose, our own hits and misses in carrying out that purpose as we discover where all this education is leading us.

You, love, in doing this work are caught between two worlds as are many others. That is as it should be. We try to be attentive to each, keeping a foot in both worlds on the path to perception and memory, recognition and strength. Dual understanding provides us with the fuel and courage necessary to dare look our Creator in the face and move forward with that to which we have already committed.

You are getting a glimmer now as you strive to process some bumps in the earthly road as they fit into the divine context and relate to your mission here with all of its interconnected ripples and relationships. We are spirits in bodies, love, but both must receive our focus and attention to find our balance and direction.

As always, I am here for each one of you when you call for help with navigation.

I remain your obedient....


November 14, 2021

* Richard Burton Diaries, Yale University Press, 2013

**"I regret nothing."

***Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab.**Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or for spiritual or past life readings at

Free Image Credit: Pixabay, Hiker, aitoff.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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When Richard mentioned "je ne regrette rien", oh the wonderful song came into my head sung by Edith Piaf. A song heartfully sung of a life full of hardships, mistakes, and loss, but all for a greater purpose.



This was like listening to old friends just having a chat. Wonderful. Thank you Ann and Richard 💜🌈☮

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