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Richard Burton: Allowing Grace

Do not hold on tight to your blessings,

for that will kill the fragile flowers that bloom in your life today.

Ann: Richard?

Richard: Yes, love, we need not turn this into a full court press, just a simple morning connection is all that I ask. Lives on the planet are changing, horizons widening, and many of us are fighting the instinct to hold on tightly to the good things in our lives.

My love, we cannot cling on and thereby create a continued blessing. The good things in our lives are there because of grace. Grace offers, grace supports, grace creates. It is not up to us to tell grace what to do next.

As you and many have discovered, sometimes grace comes in very hard packages. We try to wish those times away. We cannot help it, for we are very human animals. But if we can ask for grace, not to change the circumstances, but to soften our hearts, we may come to see the grace that was being offered behind the misery in which it sometimes hides.

Take today as the blessing it is. Do not hold on tight, for that will kill the fragile flowers that bloom in your life today.

As Michael said in the previous post, we will be with you whatever transpires. That is your solace and your strength, not the circumstance but the grace that carries you through stronger and more whole for each encounter.

We will take your hands gently in ours, and we will carry each other through as spirit and human evolve together.

May 21, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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