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Richard Burton: Another County Heard From...

From the book, The Way Back Home, by Oliver Jeffers

Ann: Richard?

Richard: As ever was, love. Glad to have you back.

Ann: Glad to be back, though we have been in touch.

Richard: Yes. I recognize your frustrations with the limitations of this mode of communication, yet there is no substitute for the written transcript. After all it gives me an opportunity to hold forth for posterity – and you know how I enjoy that.

Ann: Yes, I do, and I enjoy it also. Upon what would you like to hold forth?

Richard: The very thing that occupies your mind and the subject your recent conversation with Jesus which is the natural resistance of the human being, to wit, yourself, to merger with spirit.

You very rightly put it as a fight for survival. We are sent down here to fight on many fronts, and the first of those is the fight of survival. As we, or, to be more accurate, if we, manage to prevail on that level, we then seek to prosper in one way or another.

Then we are asked to give it all up. If it weren’t so wise it would be silly - as I think you have noted. The thing that makes it bearable is the companionship that we are offered on the way, guidance without condescension or coercion, and that in itself is the lesson for the ages.

Always as humans we seek control, and that we achieve (temporarily) by a variety of means, some more unsavory than others. Yet our Creator does not subject us to such tactics, and therein is our lesson for the ages. We are never looked down upon, never berated because we have not done better. We are always, always, under each and every circumstance offered a helping hand – and that from where we are not from where someone on high thinks we ought to be.

We are loved. You have heard this one on one from Jesus. We are loved, and love does not coerce or ridicule or shame. Love respects the enormous task that each of us undertake upon incarnation. And it is this respect and unconditional love that allows each of us, with the help of our guides and angels, to find our way home.

February 17, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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