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Richard Burton: Can We Order Up Heaven To Our Liking?

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Dante and Beatrice gaze upon the highest heavens.*

Lena Rodriguez** asked me to ask Richard whether heaven could be personally tailored to her taste. She was not inspired by wooly lambs and had something more like Paris in the 20's in mind.

Ann: Richard? Would you be kind enough to talk to us about what it's like in heaven?

Richard. Of course, love. Heaven as the concept with which we are all familiar does not really fit the reality – at least not in my experience.

Now some would say that with my most recent life excursion, it is unlikely that any version of heaven would deign to let me darken its pearly gates, but what we find instead of “heaven” as we think of it is a continuum from where we left off here which began from where we left off there.

As you can see, words fail me. I have heard it described as schools, butterflies that take you on rides to show you the wonders of creation, or a gathering about you of all your loved ones, but I have to say that that is the dumbing down of the concept by the human mind. For our minds are more finite than we can understand, and the reality of the Divine more wonderful.

What I can say is that the atmosphere, the guides, the reunions are real and ongoing, and these are somewhat created to order, i.e., what you need when you need it, though often not immediately and not all at once.

For some spirits who expected the lights to go out and their world to go dark, there is a shock to the system and there needs to be a period of adjustment. Sometimes the shock is welcome, sometimes not.

Occasionally, there is a fairly seamless transition because the work of a particular lifetime has been accomplished and love realized both internally and effectuated outwards. For a recent example, Elijah Cummings comes to mind, and there are others that no doubt you could name.

We do receive what we need even though it might not be what we think we want. So if we order up a bucolic scene like Item #3 on the menu, it may not come out just as we had planned. However, what we receive is always far better than anything we could have devised.

Take myself in point. It took a while, but many of my circular and crossed currents have been straightened out so that I can now offer my experience as a cautionary tale with no judgement to myself or others and perhaps help them avoid some of the longer ways home.

I do want to confirm that there is much beauty in this and other dimensions, natural beauty and light such as you have heard described and more. Life forms of all varieties take on the characteristics and messages of the Divine, and it is magnificent beyond imagining.

As for Paris in the 20’s, if that’s what you have in mind, love, perhaps you should try the establishment down the street….

March 20, 2021

*From Gustave Doré's illustrations to the Divine Comedy.

**Lena Rodriguez, Tarot Down Under YouTube.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Mar 21, 2021

I only wish he would not keep putting himself down. It is clear he made some bad choices. When he should have withdrawn and walked away, he allowed ambition and some deep-rooted grievance to colour his choices. But he is a lovely soul and I look forward to meeting him!😍


Mar 21, 2021

Beautifully articulated

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