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Richard Burton: Chiaoscuro, We Are Each Light and Dark

Updated: Apr 3, 2021


I have been feeling a bit frustrated due to some technical issues and let myself become somewhat immobilized. I finally asked for help.

Richard: Hello, love. I am here to assist you with this little downturn and to help you to focus on what is being offered as your attention does tend to wander.

Ann: And your inimitable opinion?

Richard: Well yes, that too. Shall we?

Ann: Please.

Richard: Love, this is a day that I and others have waited for, the day, the first of April, the seasonal marker for spring, the time that many of us allow ourselves to bring into consciousness the reasons for our incarnation.

If desired, you can take this opportunity to look at how you are handling the difficulties in your lives and perhaps receive guidance as to why these particular issues have come up for you at this time.

You, love, have become an expert at compartmentalization. Not that I blame you, for that is an excellent skill for coping with and surviving trauma, and all of us have trauma. Though we cannot remember the particulars, the effect of trauma in previous incarnations lingers in our psyches and can still guide our inclinations and trigger our reactions.

You, Ann, have been given enough trauma in this life to allow your memory to be triggered, perhaps not consciously but internally, such that you are offered now the opportunity to assimilate these experiences into a more positive life course.

You are not alone in this. I expect many of you have experienced tantalizing glimpses on the edges of your consciousness and have found yourselves inclined to both affinities and aversions for which you can find no rational connection.

Take note carefully when this occurs, for this is where we are asked to travel as best we can in the hopes of accomplishing some sort of resolution, not of the previous trauma, but of the effects that still reverberate through our systems.

You are asked to hold contrary inclinations if not experiences in your consciousness, to see each as part of the whole, to see that you have been given coping skills, magic, runes, guides and angels, yes, but most importantly your own inner strength to recognize good and evil as part of the whole and to commit yourself to use any semblance of darkness to enhance the light.

None of us come here as a pure spirit. We are each chiaroscuro, an amalgam of light and dark which now allows us to forge something new and whole, something which takes from each and enhances the experience of God’s love in the expanding cosmos.

You will need to be disciplined, perhaps more than is your wont, because you deal with highly combustible material. And yet, this is not unfamiliar.

Try to find a point of ease and gratitude in your life. Whether in the front of your mind or just along the edges, allow yourself to be guided, to turn away from darker temptations even as you recognize their power and purpose.

To say no to such forces is a powerful statement required of all of us when we commit ourselves to Spirit. We will always have both in our lives, and we must continue to learn ways of turning these swords into plowshares as our great teacher has asked.

Take Owl as your spirit animal in this quest. That great predator, a creature bringing doom in the night to unsuspecting prey, has also the sight, the gathering of wisdom that comes from that hyper acute vision, Owl can give you the tools to take on what accosts you without the need to evolve into its twin.

Like Owl, you have been given the vision to see the power of good and evil and can choose to meld those forces within your own soul into something that neither denies the reality of dark nor curtails its potentially transforming energy. For does not Owl need fuel to fund its vision? Does not that vision allow Owl the transformative power of wisdom?

Merlin will walk with you if requested. Now is the time to open to his tutelage. Each of you have the gift of sight, and have weathered storms now only dimly perceived. Now is the time to coalesce these into a new, internal wisdom that blesses you and those around you.

April 1, 2021

*Gerard Dou, Young Woman With A Lantern

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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