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Richard Burton: Expanding Your Consciousness

I asked Richard to talk to me about expanding consciousness. it seems that what I received was not meant for me alone, so I included it here. If any of you have experiences to share, I - and I believe many of us - would be most appreciative.

Ann: Richard, would you be kind enough to speak with us about expanding consciousness?

Richard: Yes, love, sometimes such expansion is painful, as I think you have noticed, because you are working out the kinks of living on two planes at once, and that is a job that requires all your attention - though perhaps not in just the way you imagine.

All that you are asked to do is to take notice, and this I believe you are beginning to do. Notice when you are open, perhaps significantly so. How do you feel?

Ann: Great!

Richard: Then notice what happens next.

Ann: I start to close down, want to avoid the contact.

Richard: Yes, exactly. The trick, when your system wants to shut down, is to recognize that you have a need for rebalancing, and then allow yourself the respite required without self-recrimination about how you think you ought to be doing more. There is no particular technique or timing required for that interim stage, many avenues will be successful.

Unfortunately, we on the earth plane are not simply beamed back and forth between dimensions. Our systems are subject to a type of gravity on the Earth plane that is absent elsewhere. Each of us must adapt when entering the Earth’s field, when our spirits leave the earth field, and when we return. This occurs at birth and death certainly, but many times in between if we open ourselves to this kind of travel.

I wonder how many of you have experienced this? More, I wager, than you think, for we don't always recognize the experience when it is happening. Sometimes it is obvious, for example, as when Madame opens herself for channeling as she has finally learned to do, but other times it may take place on the very edge of consciousness, sometimes in a daydreams, night dreams, or unconscious soul travel.

For example, if you find yourself awakening with fatigue after an unexceptional night of sleep, take a moment to review how your system is organized. Do you feel disoriented, a little off balance? If so, let yourself move into what has often been called a lucid dreaming state where images, sounds, voices may come through to you in no clearly discernable pattern. Let go, do not direct thoughts or images, simply follow.

If you can do so without disturbing this half-conscious state, write down what you receive, and then repeat, if you can, some undirected travel with these images. Look for explanations in dreams or “coincidences” which appear in your waking hours. Don’t worry if there is no logic to what you receive, for that is a clear sign that you are receiving from Spirit not ego.

Talk to your guides. Learn to hear their voices or simply feel their presence. Ask for guidance, then wait and receive - even if what you are offered is not what you expect. Your transition orientation will become more routine as you become more comfortable with these altered states of consciousness.

And note that altered states are not abnormal, they are simply your being becoming attuned to the larger consciousness, awareness beyond the five senses which, in reality, are just elementary primers which allow you to begin to expand into your larger understanding.

I hope that you will allow yourself to take this adventure. It will make you smile to see how much we leave behind when our memory is blocked when we are born. Let yourself remember. Find writings, poems, exercises, and recordings that help you lift your consciousness. Create your own poetry, prose, imagery, and art work. These are your teachers specially designed to your specifications.

We are closer to God than we have been in centuries. Just allow yourself to step up and say hello, and don’t be surprised at the warm welcome you receive.

February 4, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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