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Richard Burton: It's Not Just Us

It is a brand new day, bring your best game!

Richard: Hello there. Yes, another year has passed, and yet not so, for, in the cosmic view one year is much like another when you consider that time itself is an illusion. Not that I was able to grasp that concept when I foundered around trying to run out the clock on my life. And yet it is true. We are a composite of many, many years, eons, and instances which continue to evolve moment to moment.

Well, if that hasn’t takin the wind out of your sails, I don’t know what will. The composite nature of time and space is simply incomprehensible to the human mind until we let down our guard and speak with our angels. Absent that, we can get bogged down in the sludge and confusion of thinking that we should be able to understand the nature of our co-creation with Source.

What the incarnated person needs to know is that we do make a difference, but that we are not the only forces out there, and that sometimes the only thing we can do is try to hold our ground when the cosmic waves hit us and ask for our angels to help us hang on through the windstorm, trying not to give up too much ground until eventually the storm passes.

Ann: What do you mean by cosmic storm? I thought we were dealing with the storms of our own making, i.e., bad decisions, ego forces and greed, etc.

Richard: Yes, those are all there, and you are feeling the final shakedowns of some of those forces as you move into this New Year after a real annus horribilis, but there are also other forces at work. We are a planet in a solar system in a galaxy in a universe in a multiverse. We are affected by, just as we affect, the multiversal events around us.

I am asking that you take a bit of a bird’s eye view when you notice moods and storms passing through. Not all of it is us. We are part of an immense evolutionary system and are asked simply to tend to that smallest of territories, our own personal beings, which are no less important for their lack of size.

So smile when a storm hits you. Find that place where you are steady and just hang on, sit down, lie down, or get up and fight, whichever seem to make the most sense at the time. Even when, as now, the atmosphere is lifting, it will not be a straight shoot, but our lives can mirror the Divine intention by reaching for the hand of our Creator as we bring forth into our own lives something we can be proud of.

I am watching you do it now, each one of you. You get knocked down and then you get up. I continue to be amazed at the resilience of the human being and that resilience is coming to the fore now more than ever. Find your exuberance in being part of the upward evolutionary spiral of the Creator’s consciousness, and portal after portal will open in your own soul.

It is a brand new day, bring your best game, whatever that might be at the moment, angels can do no more.

January 1, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Jan 06, 2021

Thank you for being the Inspiration and Friend to Ann for starting this blog and a wonderful guide to everyone!

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