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Richard Burton: Lighten Up!

I don't know about you, but, what with impeachment, acts of war, corruption and lies everywhere you look, I have been a little down, resisting channeling because who wants to hear anything else along those lines? As usual, however Richard set me straight.

"Who wants to be a humourless pilgrim?

What each of us brings to the table affects the whole. "

Ann: Hi Richard.

Richard Burton: Hi yourself.

A: Thanks for always being here.

RB: And where else would I be? Don’t answer that, your imagination is too good…. You have been reluctant to talk to me, what’s going on?

A: Probably afraid that you will put me to work, and, God knows, I don’t want that, prefer lazing around eating bon bons.

RB: Well, it is the season. And who else will clean up those leftover Christmas chocolates?

A: Right, I am performing a service for humanity.

RB: My dear, you are taking this entirely too seriously. The best part about spiritual connection is the joy it brings into your life and others. It is not a distasteful task which must be performed come hell or high water.

A: What about all those folks who say you must meditate every day, get up at 5 am like Mister Rogers, and, by God, keep to it?

RB: Ah yes, Fred. A sweeter soul you will never find and not one, though I can’t speak for Fred, who would, I imagine, hold you to a paradigm that works for someone else. Have you not realized, love, that it is the joy that you bring that makes this work? And if that joy is embellished by a little chocolate or a morning in bed so much the better. Revel in it, my love, there is enough dreariness in the world without your committing to such an unnatural course.

A: What about all the darkness threatening, the awful predictions hovering out there re the end of the country, the world, and the universe as we know it?

RB: And you think your paralysis in fear and despondency helps that?

A: No, just that the opposite feels kind of self-indulgence and unrealistic.

RB: Love, whenever did “realism” enter our relationship? You have already been declared certifiable by a number of your friends and relatives, why add misery to the mix? You know, you know, that what each of us brings to the table affects the whole. You have joy and an offbeat take, so bring it on. Sack cloth and ashes are not at all becoming. Each of us brings what we have. For God’s sake, stop stewing and get to work in the way most enjoyable for you, for that is what brings joy to the whole.

A: I don’t think you would make it in a Calvinistic society.

RB: And what has that to say to anything? Who wants to be a humourless pilgrim? Go for the light, that’s what we need now.

A: OK, on it.

RB: That’s my girl.

And by the way, while you’re at it, tell that friend of yours Anita* to lighten up. What she has with us on the other side is to be recreated with joy on this plane. If it doesn’t make her laugh, don’t do it. And if she has to do it, find a way to laugh.

That joy is within her, and, by the way also in each of you reading this blog, and it is crying to get out. Anita knows it, and so do you. Let delight in spiritual freedom inform daily chores where that freedom is not obvious. But it is there because it is within The revolution has already happened. Celebrate every day, the Christ has risen!

January 8, 2020

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Jan 08, 2020

Ann thank you for this and a huge thank you to RB! I certainly needed to be reminded .about joy. I named one of my dogs Joy and I need to be more conscious of her.


Jan 08, 2020

I write funny anti Trump poems, they help get my head in a less stressful place. Thank you Richard and Ann for these blogs and with everything amped up to super cray cray from the WH anything that keeps us calm and sane is so worth it.


Jan 08, 2020

Well, this certainly is a REFRESHING reminder - particularly at this juncture when Iran has just sent retaliatory missiles and Trump is about to go national with ignorant drivel, narcissistic rantings and illogical , semi-lobotomized rhetoric. Thank you, Richard...and Ann, of course. I particularly needed to hear this today.

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