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Richard Burton on Thurisaz

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

This morning I drew the rune Thurisaz. It is not the most cheerful of omens. Now I try (and often fail) every morning to pull a rune and then meditate on its significance for the day. It’s not life or death, just the day ahead so I usually just trot along with that guidance in mind. However, today I felt Richard wanting to talk to me about this rune. When I finally sat down, Richard arrived in his role as Don at University.

"Even in its harshest manifestations, to those with eyes to see, Thurisaz always portends the bringing of magnificent illumination to those who stand in its surrounding rays."

Ann: Hi Richard, wondering if you have any insights on Thurisaz, the rune I drew this morning.

Richard Burton: Well, of course I do, love. What took you so long? I have been hanging around all morning while you dillydally. After all this time you still hesitate to put it to the touch, afraid that I won’t be there or that the connection will have gone dead or some such nonsensical thing. Please, for the love of god, let go this second guessing and begin to trust. Have I ever given you reason to do otherwise?

A: No.

RB: Well then. Now, on to the matter at hand:

Many think of Thurisaz as an omen of disaster and darkness and there may be some truth to that, but tell me what you saw when you began to meditate on its meaning.

A: I saw lighting, fierce and terrifying, and with it a massive illumination followed by thunder and torrential rains.

RB: So. Disaster which illuminates, and that is what I want to speak with you about today.

The occurrence of obstacles in one’s life is supposed to make us slow down to view the landscape, to have a look around and see if in fact if we are on the road we had intended to take. And even if it had been intended at the outset, does is still serve to take us in the direction we want to go? I believe you and Anita* have been having a discussion about the significance and effect of physical ailments. Though difficult to reconcile at the time, you have found in retrospect that each setback did in fact have a silver lining that was not visible when you were mired in momentary loss of direction and could no longer maintain your illusion of control.

Thurisaz is Thor’s hammer, God’s mighty hand poised to strike, to bring us to our senses when less dramatic methods have failed. How many of you have kept on course when exhaustion both physical and mental have told you to make a course correction? Drawing the rune Thurisaz is your warning that now is the time to consider a change before more drastic efforts need be employed.

You, love, pulled this rune because it is becoming clear to you that the readings you have been transmitting have not really been received in your heart, that what changes you have made in your life to do this work have been to some extent superficial. Thurisaz asks you to consider a deeper course correction, a change of heart, so to speak, so that meaning, not just words, is received.

You and the followers of this blog are creating a community of light seekers. Though you may not communicate in the ordinary course, you share these journeys together as each person finds his or her own way to realize the vision that Thurisaz’s illumination grants. Some will find that their transition has been so gradual that a simple change of angle will serve to open the window. Others will have a more dramatic, perhaps even drastic, triggering that breaks open the light. The avoidance of pain and hardship is not guaranteed and indeed may be necessary. However, even in its harshest manifestations, to those with eyes to see, Thurisaz always portends the bringing of magnificent illumination to those who stand in its surrounding rays.

So do not despair when you draw this rune and take it, even for just a day’s journey, as an invitation to look at the constraints in your life as gateways. Stillness, not rushing forward, is the key here, for in stillness lies the coming of the light from the deepest source in your being which joins with the universal creative power of unconditional love. Note that the rune Thurisaz portending disruption comes before the rune Dagaz, the bringer of daylight and transformation.

November 14, 2019

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Douglas Hallenbeck
Douglas Hallenbeck
Nov 15, 2019

My prayer is for Michaels sword of light to cut through all that obscures the diminishing and intimidation of the Divine Feminine on our planet. Especially the abuse and neglect of children and women and sensitives throughout the world! This pervasive activity impacts all of us energetically. Trumps collusion with Putin is a visible sign of the dark working with the elite to hold the patriarchy in place. I pray that this rune is a sign that the cabal will be exposed for what it is! Light and quality of life before profit would have dramatic, positive impact on people everywhere! Namaste 🙏


Nov 14, 2019

I feel like we are all under Thor's hammer as it is about to drop, any minute now WHOMP I'm just not sure what happens after? I hope its for the better because right now it feels too much for the worse.


Nov 14, 2019

Thank you, Ann and Richard. I hope Richard is hearing me, still. Three years of "lightning " et al, has been beyond challenging.

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