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Richard Burton: Protecting Your Sacred Space

Be it mundane or grandiose, do not be deceived,

there are no small battles.

Ann: Richard?

Richard Burton: Yes, love, I am glad you called. There is a battle going on in every heart, in every location and in every dimension. In some instances, dark and light are no longer joined in a functional way, and the resulting imbalance can be combustible. For that reason, each of us must do our part to bring balance to every situation that confronts us. Be it mundane or grandiose, do not be deceived, there are no small battles.

When such confronts you, give of the energy you have stored within, for this is the rainy day that was anticipated when these resources were stockpiled. It is easy for dark energies to sneak up on us, and they have become emboldened by their success on a collective level. Sometimes they laugh at feeble efforts to return them to their accustomed abode so full court press must be brought to bear on those who seek to invade the sacred circle that surrounds each one of us.

Some call it the aura, some call it the energy field, but whatever the name, it is the sacred space that surrounds and protects the physical body and its energetic center, and it is plainly visible to those who gather round.

When you say someone has invaded your space, you are saying that someone has broken through the sacred enclosures of your astral body. You know how uncomfortable that feels, and most likely will take a step back to remove yourself from that uncomfortable situation.

Similarly when you notice a sudden dip in your energy or your mood, cast about to see if there has been such an invasion. Then gather your resources, and turn to your mantras, incantations, and cleansing rituals to expel such dark gremlins from your sacred space. Casting a circle, using an incantation, focusing on music which is uplifting to your soul, or reaching out to a guide or a loved one can stop these gremlins in their tracks.

Some of you are inclined to ascribe these low energy or depressive dips as the natural flow from up to down that comprise the general patterns of human life. Sometimes that may be true, but often that is not the case, and instead these dips may be induced by outside forces.

In such a situation before accepting a downturn as ordinary and natural, first go inside, establish your inner boundaries, call in your protectors, and cast out any who reek of darkness.

Make a deliberate effort, listen to the instructions of your guides who may suggest you connect with nature, with animal guides, with etheric energies, or uplifting music or colors. These techniques can often pull you out of the trough just as fast as you went into it in which case you will have valuable experience of what it means to encounter dark energy.

If what you are feeling is natural sadness or grief, taking an inner excursion such as described above can often provide comfort and support from your guides and spiritual mentors.

In either case, you will have strengthened and protected your sacred citadel which is the source of your connection with Source.

January 3, 2021

Free Image Credit: Pixabay, jplenio.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Michael Strauss
Michael Strauss
Jan 04, 2022

Aha. So we are finally acknowledging that all is not always happiness & light. That there are, in fact, dark forces. And that they are not simply a part of our natural internal cycle, but are external, discrete and dangerous.

It's about time we said it.

'There's a battle outside and it's raging,' Dylan sang, about a recent era that paralleled today's. But now, because we collectively allowed that external darkness to fester so long in our public world, it's reached through the exhaustion & despair so many of us were already experiencing and is damaging many of us from inside as well.

This was an extremely constructive & specifically instructive message. Thanks for sending and receiving it. We wil…

Jan 04, 2022
Replying to

It's as if we are given permission to acknowledge what we've felt for so very long...quite empowering as we journey on.

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