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Richard Burton: The Green Robot Dream and The Problem of Evil

Last night I had a confusing dream about a Green Robot and the problem of evil. I asked Richard to interpret.

"Light does not exist without dark, it is always with us, and

we must be on guard to discern one from the other."


Boy around 6 years old is in his house by himself. A young man with long dark hair comes in, he has been there before, maybe one of the father’s protégés. He is very angry. He says to the boy, “You want to cause some trouble, try this,” holding out a gun. The boy turns away and starts up the stairs. The house has dark wood floors, white woodwork, very classy and welcoming.

The boy hears the young man destroying things and shooting his father’s green robot. The robot is his father’s prized possession and accomplishment. It has fur and eyes like a Sesame street character, a head, a body, legs, and arms. The young man is destroying it, and some people are laughing while he does it.

Then the young man is in the father’s bedroom. He starts to jump up and down on the robot to destroy whatever is left while the boy watches. I see how the boy hurts for his father.

I wake up still in the dream which finishes in my head.

The boy looks at the young man and his gaze causes the young man to be encased in ice. The boy, very upset, goes out and calls 911 and then his father. Then he goes to the across the street neighbor, an older woman, as that is what his father has told him to do.

The police and the father come. The young man comes out of the trance state, very confused, does not remember what he did. The father is not angry, says he can make another, better robot, but that they can’t go back into house until it is cleansed. Not sure what will happen to the young man. Father lets police take him away.

Ann: Richard, can you help me with this dream, also provide protection if that is needed?

Richard Burton: Yes, of course. This dream is closely connected the experience that you, Dave,* and Anita** have been having with a dark force . The person in whom this force has anchored is the polar opposite of White Feather and, yes, slunk in on his coattails. This is to let you know that light does not exist without dark, that it is always with us, that we must be on guard particularly to discern one from the other.

Ann: Is this evil? And if so what do we do with it? I thought everything was going to turn into love.

RB: (Laughing) Did you now? And no doubt that how it will be on some distant planet circling another star, but for right now it is up to us to do what we can to convert and, if that is not possible, to contain dark forces. Every time we recognize these forces within ourselves, acknowledge, transform, and turn away, we take a step to lighten the atmosphere of the planet. True, these forces can come back, but notice that this person's power was not sufficient to stand against the light that all of you brought to bear.

Ann: Is this person pure evil?

RB: No, of course not, but much work and isolation lies before her to move into the light. She has allowed the dark to congregate. She has not confronted each impulse that arose in her heart nor allowed it to be transformed into productive work, and so the darkness has gathered strength and density within her. She let revenge overcome her better angels.

I believe her efforts to contact you were initially efforts to move her soul out of its previous path, but when confronted with the possibility of revenge, the pull of darkness was too much for her. She did not count on White Feather, however, who manifested to help you turn away from her seductive force.

Ann: And now?

RB: She has made the wrong choice. No amount of wakening after the act can make the act itself cease to exist. Like the young man in your dream as he came out of his trance state, he did not remember what he had allowed himself to do, but the father let the police take him anyway. The father was not without compassion, but the responsibility was on the young man who took a gift of mentorship and turned it into destruction. It is the young man’s work to do. The father will not interfere and will take precautions to cleanse the house.

Ann: The boy?

RB: The boy, like the three of you, did not realize his own power until confronted with its opposite. He called for help, was granted the force to freeze the evil, then his father, the police, and the neighbor came to his aid. As long as he has awareness he will be safe. And so will you be.

February 19, 2020

*David Johnson. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab.

**Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Feb 19, 2020

Thanks for the comments, I too am in awe of Richard and the wisdom and perspective he offers and so keep my questions in that lane. Thanks for reading!


Feb 19, 2020

I'm so appreciative of Richard's help and guidance.

Has he ever mentioned if he interacts with Elizabeth Taylor in the spirit realm? Are they close, or like Dolores Cannon & husband, have gone their separate ways in the spirit world?


Feb 19, 2020

Richard's messages are awesome. Thank you.💖💖🌻


Feb 19, 2020

Great lessons in this dream

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