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Richard Burton: The Secret Meaning of Hagalaz

In conventional wisdom, the Rune Hagalaz symbolizes hail and its destructive power, and it has been coming up a lot in recent readings. But apparently there is more to it....

Ann: Richard, would you be kind enough to talk about Hagalaz? It’s a rather scary rune.

Richard: Certainly love. The odd aspect to Hagalaz is that it is revelation masquerading as destruction. Of course many people have told you that in adversity comes wisdom, but Hagalaz means more than that,

Hagalaz is hail, yes, but there is a seed encased in its hard icy rock. The ice can be thought of as the trappings of your worldly experiences - your body, of course, but your assumptions, your upbringing, your prejudices, your avarice and your insecurities. Quite a many layered shell to be surrounding the fragile seed of creation that carries the authenticity of your being, your soul, yes, but also your unique talents and contributions.

When we pull Hagalaz, we see hail, destruction, crops lying in ruins across a barren landscape, but that is not what I want you take away with you for your own understanding.

Hagalaz is of course different for every situation, but let us take, for example the present day where destruction is raining, ostensibly from above, with disastrous effect. Should you ask for an explanation and draw Hagalaz, you might feel as if you might as well throw in the towel an find a corner in which to hide.

Yet that would be the very worst message to take away. Yes, we see destruction, yes, our planet is rebelling, but the message, the real message is to look further into the heart of the situation for the truth that lies buried there.

In the heart of our world chaos is a cry for change, for restraint, for diligence, for attending to the everyday tasks that allow us to express our love and caring for others. This is the seed within the chaos around us that will give birth to a new world.

Hagalaz is always the precursor to new birth, to new growth and to new development. What is seeded there in love and protection will come out when it is safe to do so.

So let us take Hagalaz as a metaphor for our new world. We cannot see the seed under the destruction, but Hagalaz assures us it is there and will emerge in its own proper time if we are patient and tend our own fires.

August 31, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Sep 01, 2021

As the saying goes, 'every end is a new beginning'


Aug 31, 2021

And once again, patience! Love this post. Thank you both.

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