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Richard Burton: The Winding Road To Spiritual Practice

I am not a particularly spiritual person, just a channel.

Ann: Hi Richard, I have a long way to go to be a spiritual person.

Richard: Well, love, you are not alone, which is why you have me. I have traveled a very winding course myself and compared to me, you are a very straight shooter indeed.

Ann: I thought we weren’t supposed to make comparisons.

Richard: Inevitable really. But I gather you are referring to John’s advice re different strokes for different folks which of course is very true. You, however, are looking at the relative steadiness of your ability to stay centered and focused which is an ongoing task for all of us, and some of us, for example, the Dalai Lama, are better at it than others.

You are actually not doing too badly for someone who has never developed a spiritual practice – or pretty much of a practice of any kind. As with other matters in your life, you have set up external events to keep yourself on task. With regard to a spiritual practice, your blog is doing that for you now.

What you are trying to learn, and what your guides, myself included, are trying to teach you, is that a more formalized practice is not a hardship but a great pleasure and liberation.

Ann: I understand that intellectually, but otherwise not there yet.

Richard: So I have observed. So you keep moving within the system you have developed until you find it inadequate to the task, and, at that point, the “disciplines” that you so resist will find their way into your life with little or no fanfare because you want and need them.

In the meantime, the daily entries on this site are a daily meditation of sorts, and you are religious - and, yes, I know you dislike that word - in your fidelity to that practice at this point in time, but as you have intuited, life evolves, and this site may not always be your primary focus.

Though you recently resisted the encouragement of a friend to branch out to YouTube, saying that you were not a particularly spiritual person but just a channel, I think you surprised yourself with that moment of clarification. In fact, you were accepting the stage in which you currently find yourself, that is, the role of messenger.

That was a first step, a clear acceptance of your contact with and commitment to the wider community of spirits. For each of us that recognition is the necessary first step to deeper spiritual understanding.

And while you do not see yourself as a spiritual teacher like the beings whose voices come through you, you and your readers are absorbing their teachings willy nilly, whether or no, and the rest will follow for each one of you in an infinite variety of ways.

It is a joy to be traveling with you, you stubborn old thing. Brings me back to the days when I said I was just a mouthpiece for the wisdom that rang through the words of Shakespeare, Manley Hopkins, Dylan Thomas, and the like.

Who did I think I was kidding?

February 7, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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2 comentarios

09 feb 2021

I love reading your posts. It's like watching Johnny Carson interview famous people and world leaders, except more spiritually profound of course. I agree a YouTube channel would be a ton of work. Maybe you can do some more appearances as a guest on other shows to see if you like it. The reason I found your writings/channelings is from your appearance on Dave's YouTube channel. Been an avid follower ever since.

Me gusta

Karen Grace
Karen Grace
08 feb 2021

I wonder if The Course in Miracles might be a good spiritual practice for you Ann? I am doing it again after a 30+ year hiatus and find it so helpful, soothing, challenging and supportive.

Me gusta
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