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Richard Burton: To Move or Not to Move...

When you need help with dealing with the tension between this world and the next, you cannot go wrong in consulting Richard. He never fails.

"The world is awash in prodigal sons, and, for these souls,

homecoming is a sweet and unanticipated miracle."

Ann: Richard, everyone is telling me to get moving, that time’s a’wastin’, that we have too much to do to lally-gag around (that last from Auntie*), and I don’t feel like moving, just want to sit still for a bit (ok, I do that a lot) and putter through the household chores on a snowy day, alternate some with this work, all on an easy schedule. And to top it off, I pulled Ehwaz, Reversed, Movement that appears to block, stagnation when creative flow is not followed.

Richard Burton: Love, I know exactly what you mean. My refuge was my books. I retreated to my cave whenever I could create one so that no one could get to me.

Ann: Do you still need to do that?

RB: Not in the way you mean, because the reasons for the need to retreat no longer exist. Such input is purely human. Once you crossover, there are no “obligations,” real or imagined, just pure unadulterated love. Not that we don’t have standards…

A: Oh boy, here it comes…

RB: But not like you are envisioning. Here the freedom is completely unimaginable to those still trapped in human form. Here, there is nothing but delight and a desire to get at the next phase of learning. True, some who have been severely traumatized may take some time to recognize the reality of their newly unencumbered state, but get there they will.

For your situation at present….. – did that dog just jump in your lap?

A: Tried to, but the computer got in the way so he had to settle for adjacent real estate.

RB: And never in any doubt that he would be welcomed. Perfectly timed, for, as I was saying, it is much the same here. We are welcomed, loved, and celebrated to have arrived back home. The world is awash in prodigal sons, and, for these souls, homecoming is a sweet and unanticipated miracle.

But you are not home yet and have much to do, as Auntie has reminded you. While I see her point, there is balance in all things, and, forgive me, Auntie, you were a driver when living and still retain that most effective character trait in your relations with the still incarnate. Ann, here, has drawn Ehwaz Reversed which portends some sort of blockage of movement. The question is whether that rune is meant to encourage a time to take stock and wait for the next step to become clear, whether it is a chastisement to get a move on as Auntie has so pointedly suggested, or perhaps something else.

You, love, are the one to know the attuned value of this Rune as it relates to your day’s guidance, but I would suggest that your contrary reaction to Auntie’s little push suggests that fear is involved. You have had a run of transcribing from three different spirits incoming in a torrential flood. This has unsettled your system and made you want to cling ever more closely to the routines and habits that connect you to the mortal world. And that is not a bad thing because without balance between heaven and earth (see St. Catherine's post above on the subject), the train will likely go off the track.

I would suggest a middle road (one that for me was almost never traveled) wherein you take this conundrum as a lesson in itself and see where the working out of it will lead you. I do not worry overmuch about your crawling under the covers to stay because the force of evolution and expansion is too strong within you. You will never let this work go because it is lodged deep in your bones, and even now you are looking for ways to build on where you stand now.

You can expect these pendulum swings from immersion in spirit to huddling in corners to return from time to time. Simply breathe through the arcs from one extreme to the other and continue on your way. It’s not that difficult, love, you have been doing it a long time, longer than you know. We all have.

December 11, 2019

*Harriet Tubman via Anita Sacco (See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab above)

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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1 Comment

Lisa Altenau
Lisa Altenau
Dec 11, 2019

Great advice from Richard. Ann, I appreciate your honesty about your conundrum. What’s so fascinating to me is the juxtaposition of the two viewpoints from Richard and Auntie. “To do or not to do”, that is the question. You are “doing,” by taking an action and asking your guides for direction and imput on this matter. The “not doing” is simply allowing yourself to be still and present. Maybe, you’re exactly where you need to be and the lesson is to simply trust.

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