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Richard Burton: Today Is The Day You Need

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Ann: Richard, would you be kind enough to talk to me about today which has a bunch of ups and downs coming at me and also my life purpose? And not just me, I think everyone is struggling with similar questions in this confusing world.

Richard: Just a small chat to start the day off right?

Ann: Yeah.

Richard: Delighted of course, I have been waiting. So let’s take these matters in your order of go.

It is fine to plan your activities for today. However on the off chance something derails that plan, you are wise to accommodate the possibility that what you want has no significance in the grand scheme of things. What happens will be what you need.

Your life purpose is to create a haven for yourself and others such that the memories and experiences of that haven will continue to flower long after all the physical arrangements have passed.

Surely you have noticed that almost everyone can see the human and spiritual gifts of others. Now it is time for each of you to extend that courtesy to yourselves.

You start by allowing your life to flow without direction or criticism from that insecure ego of yours. As you do so, the intended and unintended blows inevitable in human existence will take their place as part of the scenery rather than claiming the starring role.

When your expectations are trimmed to your reality, your understanding encompasses the fact that it is incomplete and that you cannot man the tiller by yourself but only in conjunction with your spiritual friends who can help you accomplish your spiritual purpose if only you will attend to their guidance.

In short, love, it is time for you to accept your many gifts and shortcomings as all of a piece and continue on as best you can to fulfill your life’s purpose which is only revealed as you go along.

So it is for each of us. Though most of us could never make it as a hermit, my dear, that should not prevent us from doing what we can to shore up our inner resources against the time when outer trappings fall away - as they always do in older age if you are lucky enough to last into that prime time for learning and expansion.

I did not have that experience in my last lifetime. I was a candle burning at both ends and so I did not last the night. In actuality, I could not face up to the lessons that were coming at me fast and furious.

Yours is a different road, love, so prepare for the long haul, whether or not that is your destiny, and shore up your inner resources against the inevitable falling away of friends and family. In the process you will develop a patina and a depth of understanding that will leave you with a glow to ease the loss. Those memories, the habits and skills put into place now, will stand you in good stead for the longer road if that is yours to experience.

Each event that takes place today is a proving ground, allowing you to delight in the present and let go of the past and expectations for the future. Learn to live lighter, that is your purpose and indeed the purpose of everyone on the planet in an infinite variety of ways, for then the candle glow from your center is one that will warm not only your essence but those who gather round or touch your presence only tangentially.

And with each interaction your soul expands, fear is diminished, and purpose revealed.

August 6, 2022

Free Image Credit: Pixabay, Ri_Ya.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only

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Aug 07, 2022


I felt from reading this beautiful message of going with the flow, and learning to work as a team and carry that knowing in us, so we can roll with the punches, at the same time , reveals that your journey, action and presentation of your blog here is a magical part of the larger purpose. There is always a lesson in each entry, that for you, also helps us, as we are you, we are all One. And because each "persona", soul, spirit, figure, feels drawn to connect here, with us who recognize them by that incarnation, and have an ongoing "active" living dialogue, teaches us here the new way of engaging with the WHOLE team--this IS monument…


Aug 06, 2022

Quite beautiful, and quite apt, Richard, thank you.

I have missed yours, Pete's and Robin's insights lately; it's so very good to have you back here.

Thanks always, Ann.

Aug 07, 2022
Replying to

Brilliant as always Richard! Each time I read your eloquent words I can hear your dulcet tones. And of course let's not forget, that to see a rainbow, you must first endure the rain. Thank you. And thank YOU Ann. You do such a wonderful job! 😊💜🌈

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