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Richard Burton: Meditation. Ugh.

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Tried to meditate, fidgets prevailed. Started to ask Richard for a writing on meditation for the blog, then had to turn horses out, then had to clean the car, had to stop that to work with son on legal question and talk to attorney in Iowa (Iowa, god help us!), then lunch, then back to blog, then all my pictures on computer missing, had been moved in update, finally found them, probably never will again, put some up for blog post which took forever, started to talk to Richard, then thought maybe shouldn't do writings for the blog (read "ego"), back to Richard for advice? And all the while the whistleblower mess is preying on my mind. There's probably a lesson here... Maybe I should meditate?

That would be a yes.

Meditation. Oh. Ahhh.

Should have tried this before. Oh wait, yes, I did. Here is Richard’s take:

Ann: Richard, having trouble meditating. Can you help me with this?

Richard: Well, of course, love, your trouble is in how you think of the word. In your mind it is a chore, something to be checked off for the day, and your internal voice says, “You will sit there, and by God concentrate on nothing.” We have had occasion to speak about these slithering voices, have we not? They are not of God.

Certainly, when seen as work, as an uphill climb, mediation is a thankless and. some might say futile, endeavour. But when you think “I need to clear my mind, hear from my guides, my god, and whatever holds me in comfort in love in my life,” then mediation becomes a haven and a pleasure.

So try this, love: Take yourself out of whatever constraints you have imposed upon the term and ask what would give you ease in your mind and heart. It might be quiet time with your dogs, a walk in the orchard, digging in the dirt, or cleaning out a stall. The only requirement is that you have solitude, no people in your aura to distract and redirect your energy from its inward cast. You must be able to let down your guard. Sometimes that will mean sitting quietly in your room or outside in nature, but often tending simple talks provides enough external movement to allow the heart and mind to relax. Mediation is just another word for prayer, and both take place as many iterations as there are people on the planet. Meditation is not a forced march, love, it is a gift, so give thanks for what is graciously offered from Spirit.

Ann: Amen.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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