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Richard: The Essenes, Inguz, and Emerald Spirit

Updated: May 5, 2020

I have been reading Delores Cannon's book, "Jesus and the Essenes," and have found myself feeling oddly elevated, internally re-arranged - or some such thing. I asked Richard for his help.

Ann: Richard?

Richard: Good morning, love. Yes, you are having quite the journey and not before times either. You have managed to release the barriers that have kept you from experiencing the elevated states in which you must of necessity engage in order to channel the beings that have come to your blog. Not to worry, love, you can go back to being a telephone whenever you want – well, maybe not, since once a channel is open, it is open. But you can choose whether and when you want to travel that channel.

What you are experiencing is the beginning of an intake of finer, more particulate energies which have heretofore surrounded your aura but were blocked by your firm determination not to allow “foreign” forces to hold sway. Very sensible, love, since you have had experiences when allowing others into your psychic field that have created profoundly unbalanced effects. It has taken you all this while to achieve a balance capable of holding yourself in the road and yet receiving from “others.”

To date, your channeling has been a brilliant blend of receiving and yet blocking at the same time. Now, triggered by your empathic experience of Diana’s children, you are experiencing direct communication from Source and its messengers. This is why you are feeling in a continuous fashion the tingle on the right side of your head, rather like Radar on “M.A.S.H.” saying, “Incoming!” This is also why your physical body was thrown off enough to allow recurrence of Lyme disease which, paradoxically, has also facilitated your increased psychic reception, for here too a barrier has been breached.

You are wondering what to do now, how to deal with this new state of affairs, which, unless you give it a shove, will remain available to you. My first suggestion to you, love, would be, to the extent possible, to rest and refrain from any activity that requires extra exertion, physical, mental, or emotional while you assimilate this expanded aura and access into your normal life.

You do not have to worry, love, you will not be given more than you can receive. But do realize that these are gifts, gifts of sight and sensation that you have blocked, gifts that you were meant to receive and put to good use in this lifetime. So go slowly, love, yes, but go, steady in the knowledge that we travel with you. Jesus, Michael, and I, ably assisted by Auntie and that cut-up, John McCain, will contrive to entertain you, and your trust in life and in mission will soon become the foundation of life as you will now know it.

Ann: The Essenes?

Richard: Well, yes, of course. Otherwise you would not have vibrated in sync at such a deep level with almost instant recognition. A talk for another day, love. For now, simply rest and give thanks for these gifts, for once you were blind and now you see.

Ann: Richard.

Richard: OK, maybe that was a little too theatrical, but you get my drift.

Ann: Yes. I pulled the rune Inguz, potential energy, the completion of beginnings, and then the Crystal Card Emerald, release of blockages, opening the heart.

Richard: Just so. We will be here with you, love, never doubt it. Open, relax, and receive, then notice how the world has changed as it is seen through this new angle of vision. It is a great pleasure and privilege to be with you through this transformation.

Ann: Namaste.

April 27, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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