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Richard Burton: Trump: Where are we?

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

“Sunrise over Jimena de la Frontera, Spain,” Dave Dickinson

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of hearing generalized predictions of “All will be well,” “Justice will be served,” and “It’s the darkness before the dawn,” etc., etc., etc. So I asked Richard to sally forth with some specifics, and this is what I got.

“There is a man, a fairly young man, who has not yet let ambition blind him to the realities of the gathering darkness.”

Ann: Hi Richard, how and where are you?

Richard: Well, love, I am as ever was, right here when you call. That’s the wonderful thing about being dead, you can move around as needed in as many places as there are folks requesting your presence. O to have had that kind of draw when I was working! But be that as it may, I am grateful to have your attention as there are few things I want to say.

You wish to know specifics? Well, there is an engine of darkness, and it is not that shill Donald Trump. Behind him is a raft of more powerful old white men determined to save the world from “diversity.” And there are other men – yes, and women – who are not seen who further this dark cause. Of the ones we can see, Putin is leading the charge, and Barr is a part of what Hillary used to call a vast right wing conspiracy to eliminate questioners from the face of the earth. Take away their freedom to see, to know, to ask and listen, to trust in anything other than that the word of corruption is everywhere until finally no distinction is make from one speaker to the other because of the assumption that everything is a lie.

It is for all of you to meet these lies head on with truth. In everyday life, yes, challenge at every opportunity the obfuscation of simple and straightforward truth. This army of darkness need not continue their onward progress if even a few of you stand up to say who and what is creating the chaos that is meant to hide the peas under the moving shells while the trickster meanwhile slips your wallet into his own pocket. Keeping your eye on the ball is the hope and function of all who ask for truth.

Ann: Who are the good guys?

Richard: Adam Schiff is trying, but he too has been seduced by the power of the stage. And well do I remember how seductive the sound of your own voice can be. But most clearly behind the curtain are those you have yet to see. There is a man, a fairly young man, who has not yet let ambition blind him to the realities of the gathering darkness. He comes from the east, and is bearing a golden shield in which is a document from God. This young man has been here before, and, if allowed to speak, will be able to turn the ship around, and his light will draw those to him who heretofore fell for the seductive lies of Trump and his party.

Ann: Joe Biden?

Richard: Could be that man if his energy center were not already flagging, but this young man is not yet on the public stage in a major way.

Ann: What is his name?....... Ok I get radio silence. Richard, this is just one more ambivalent predictions meant to assuage the despair and guilt of those of us who fear we have not done enough and that the descent into darkness has already become unstoppable.

Richard: I cannot tell you the name, just ask that you look for such a personage.

Ann: Could he be a she?

Richard: No, but he is joined by an army of the feminine to correct the imbalance of those who have sought to destroy to common good. This man will be led by women and guided by same. He moves with the spirit of Harriet Tubman and he speaks with utter integrity and clarity.

Ann: OK, who the hell is he and when is he appearing?

Richard: Don’t misunderstand, love, this is not a unitary event. This man is a product not a generator. He comes because of the unstoppable force that arises from those who know decimation and darkness when they see it. He is a spokesman for all who have seen their work and their worlds destroyed by those who seek to rule. This man does not seek to rule and never will. But he will be the point man of the phalanx of the new wave.

Ann: Will I live to see this?

Richard: Not necessarily, but you will see its generation.

Ann: Pete Buttigieg?

Richard: Not yet but soon. Hold yourself in readiness and patience, for you will be needed. You and those like you will need to be ready to take the questions and provide a wider context for understanding and exploration. We do not ask you to provide answers, just a vision of what is in store.

Ann: And what is that?

Richard: A sacred peace, where there has been such conflagration that obfuscation is no longer tolerated. Truth alone will be the guiding light. Many people now cannot live with truth, and, as a result, secrets, plots and miscellaneous shenanigans abound. That will not be the case. We shall prevail, but only in the name of God and his angels. All else will fall away.

Ann: You are sounding like Revelations.

Richard: Do you think so, love? Well, if the shoe fits….

Ann: Are we headed for an apocalypse?

Richard: Not as conventionally known, but, yes, in kind if not in specifics. Just be ready. Be prepared to be centers of light. That is all that can be offered as the evil in this world is sifted out and those who counted on its protection find themselves standing on shifting ground. You need not worry, for your role is clear: shine the light on the truth of the brightness and goodness of our Creator, keep your eyes trained on this force and the course of the river will be averted.

October 4, 2019

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Nov 07, 2019

the person who is coming is “...a product, not a generator...” it is up to us to be the generators who bring this person forth. How? By standing for Truth and emanating light. it seems to me we keep looking for saviors. Remember the generals, the supposed adults in the room? It’s up to us, “we the people”.


Nov 02, 2019

Boy do I understand your frustration with being told over and over not to worry justice will prevail ... things will somehow work out but not enough detail about how this is going to happen but I keep hope alive as best I can with what information the spirits are willing to share, thank you for these blogs they are really helpful and interesting to read.


Carol Baum
Carol Baum
Nov 01, 2019

Thank you for sharing this.

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