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Protection: Richard Burton

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Last night David Johnson*, Anita Sacco* and I did a joint video to talk about how we access our intuitive talents. In particular, Anita and I have been fortunate to have been mentored by Dave, and the results have been an exponential increase in our access and intuitive abilities. Dave is a gifted and generous mentor, and we have been truly blessed as you will see if you check out the video on Dave’s YouTube channel, which can found with a Google search of "david johnson medium


In the latter part of the video, Dave addressed the importance of asking for protection against dark energies when doing intuitive work, and he suggested that I put Richard’s recommendations on the blog should any of you be interested. Richard’s advice was offered to me over a year ago after Dave suggested I should formalize this part of my channeling. Here is my interchange with Richard from November 2018 requesting some help with this - which, as you will see, I definitely needed.

I also ask for Runic protection from the Rune Eihwaz, which represents the vertical axis of Yggdrasil, the cosmic tree, and is a powerful stave of protection and banishing.** See post dated November 8, 2019 "Yggdrasil" for Richard's comments on this Rune.

"November 18, 2018

Ann: Richard, did I understand you to say that you were ok with answering some questions from Dave [re ritual protections]?

Richard Burton: Yes, love, I welcome the exercise, got to keep the old chops in shape. So to begin, Dave rightly recommended you to create protections. I think you felt last night that you were vulnerable to a certain extent so we should start right at the jump to set up some filter barriers. I see you have, rather halfheartedly, saged the room. Good first step, but what is more important is that you lift your energy to ask that it vibrate on a level that accepts only the highest of energies. You have experienced the other but have never developed or practiced ritual protections. You can create your own or try the following:

Inhale into your heart.

Exhale out your feet.

Inhale into your throat.

Exhale out your feet.

Inhale into your third eye.

Exhale out your feet.

Inhale into your crown.

Exhale normally.

Note where there are resistances to the inhale and repeat as necessary.

Then breathe consciously for a few breaths holding in your mind the request of Spirit that only that which serves the highest interests of yourself and those asking of you be granted entrance into this sacred space.

Then an invocation. Your old invocation of “Whatever” works pretty well. The point is to allow yourself to follow what is offered, to create a safe space where whatever you receive is held in safety but without restriction, not directed by your thoughts, attachments, or fears.

A: Gee, I guess I should have asked about this before.

RB: Not to worry, love, you were only talking to me, and I provided any protection you needed. Here, when you are allowing an unknown other to enter your consciousness, you cannot know what will be revealed and so you need a preset shield. You still have protection from me, but, forgive me, love, from pointing out that boundaries are not your long suit. With the shield and training from Dave, you will be able to enter into a receptive state without fear of violation."

December 2, 2019

*See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab above.

**Edred Thorsson, "Futhark, A Handbook of Rune Magic," 1984, pp. 44, 45.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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