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St. Catherine Joins the Conversation

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

"Both heaven and earth are holy, this will be my next lesson."

Ann: St. Catherine, it seems that you want to weigh in on this conversation?

St. Catherine of Siena: Indeed I do. I am inspired and envious of what you are allowing yourself to do, that is, just to let your words and thoughts go, flow, no structure, no precepts, no censure, no guardians at the gate watching your every word, no political ends you must keep in mind as you choose those words. This kind of freedom is heady even from this distance.

I do believe I shall chose the life of a Down Syndrome child of light for my next incarnation. Full of love, understanding only the energies around me and able to give back without calculation the love in my heart.

Not that I have regrets for that previous life, for the experience of spiritual ecstasy is one that I would hope each and every one of you moves toward in your lifetime. You don’t have to be in holy orders, you just need to feel the light and joy that rises up in you when you say His name, when you sing His praises, and when you join with His angels to submit your being to the will of Spirit and to the glory of heaven and earth.

But then you need to come back to your body, to your physicality, not as a poor substitute for the love of your Holy Father but as an extension of what you have experienced. Give thanks for your food with delight, feel the earth, air and wind about you, lift up your face to the sun, and reach for your warm coat when the north wind makes you shiver. And if you have not enough food, clothing, or shelter, share what you have with your compatriots and give thanks for the community of the downtrodden.

Both heaven and earth are holy, this will be my next lesson. And perhaps I will be called Cathy.

December 10, 2019

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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