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Tell The Truth To Yourself, Part II

I have been trying to “tell the truth to myself” per Scott Avett* to no avail until now. This time, in the light shining through in the several previous posts, I pulled a rune and drew a Crystal Card** asking for help to understand, to allow myself to understand.

Ansuz, according to Thorsson,*** a magical anscestral power handed down from generation to generation, a container and expresser of magical force.

Bronzite, a stone of strength lending support as we allow all that no longer serves us to fall away.

This is what I heard when I asked to tell the truth to myself.

"I am a longtime friend and fellow traveler with Miriam and Jesus. We knew each other in many lives and different contexts. I am not just of this galaxy and I do not really like being on the earth and in a body. But I came back to learn to love that body with all its flaws and perversions. I came to learn that I am just like everyone else, not better, not worse, just human. And I came to learn that Christ was human, that he has gone through what we are going through, what I am going through, and he has nothing but compassion. And it was compassion that has allowed me to choose this life, this gentle life which nevertheless has forced me into an intimate relationship with all that I have tried to deny and run from.

And now they have come back to help me, to walk with me. Not to intrude, for they have great respect for me and for all humans in choosing the paths they have on their way back to union with Source. They give me my down time. They want me to take it. They want me to trust my instincts, my hearing, my vision which, as it becomes less impaired, will allow me to travel the balance of the lifetime in harmony with my purpose here. I am here to remember and teach, to model success, failure, humility and humor. To be human, no more no less, and, as such, no less connected to Source than those who reach out to help us."

June 28, 2020

*See post dated June 24.

**Thorsson, Edred.  Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic, pp 26-28.

***Baron-Reid,The Crystal Spirits Oracle, p.50.

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Karen Grace
Karen Grace
29 de jun. de 2020

This is so encouraging to read Anne

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