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The Arcturians Say It's Getting Better

Anita Sacco* channeled the below message from the Arcturians. I couldn't make sense of it, so I asked Richard. Still confused. Accepting but confused. Your thoughts would be most appreciated.

Arcturians: We wish to share with you news of change. Great change. Many on the planet earth are awakening and transitioning to fourth and fifth dimensions. Many. This is as a direct result of the love souls as you both and others have been sharing. Understand there will, unfortunately, be many who will remain in the holds of darkness and the third dimension. Gaia is also ascending and she will take those of the light with her. Those who choose the darkness will remain behind in order for growth to occur.

Ann: Richard, do you know what they are talking about here?

Richard Burton: Yes, generally, but the timing is not something I would care to hang my hat on. What they are talking about is polarization, choices make for vision or darkness and the consequences that naturally follow.

Many, as they say, are transforming themselves into conscious beings, aware as they have never been before of the larger context in which this planet and the beings thereon are situated. With that vision they are choosing to enter higher states of consciousness which are referenced here as the 4th and 5th dimensions but which basically means that some of us are choosing and managing to live on more than one plane at the same time.

For some it is constant. These are the highly evolved among us who have come back to this planet specifically to help us in our transition. To teach us, I won’t say right from wrong, but certainly light from dark.

These individuals have traveled this route before and find the earth’s atmosphere painfully heavy. Many want to leave and yet stay because they see the expansions in consciousness in so many around them that they feel both hopeful and obligated at furthering this inevitable trend.

Others have shut their minds and hearts against real knowledge, choosing to exist in a strictly diminished state of being which is its own self-fulfilling prophecy, imprisoning its “believers’ in their own webs of hatred and lies.

These two groups include those who gravitate to the one or the other as outliers, some to light some to dark. They will separate into two groups for neither believes in the reality of the other. Natural disasters will push this process along. Many will leave and some will be left behind. The new life in the next dimension will call those light workers, and the others will fail to heed that call out of ignorance and arrogance.

Ann: Are you saying that the earth will be abandoned to a hell of its own making?

Richard: No, there will be parallel realities with each sentient being choosing sides.

Ann: Two planets?

Richard: Yes. And more. I see, Madame, that you must study your string theory and your quantum physics. Such is already the case.

Ann: Richard, I can’t hold that in my head. I live on this planet, I see, am in touch with those elsewhere and am coming to believe that I visit in dreams and sometimes lucid daydreams, but I can’t feel myself in two worlds.

Richard: And yet you have described exactly that, have you not? Every time you speak with me, welcome me into your consciousness, you lift yourself off of this planet into another dimension. Gradually you are beginning to accept that this is what is happening, that there is a reality in which you participate that is not limited by the five senses.

The Arcturians are heavily invested in this planet and in lifting every soul into awareness of the wider existence, and it is happening. For those left behind, we simply wait for light to pierce their darkness, but we need not be tied to their limited and mean-spirited world view. We levitate into our own elevated consciousness and that is where we choose to live.

Ann: Will we have pockets of light and dark on the planet?

Richard: You are not listening, love. We will have two separate existences.

Ann: Sorry, Richard, I can’t hold this in my mind.

Richard: You need not try, love, just continue to live it, that’s what makes it real.

April 14, 2021

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab. Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or readings at

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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