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Thor: A New Poem

Heaven and earth are not two worlds but one

It is only that one side is blindfolded.

We are asked to pin the tail on a non-existent donkey

And have no idea of our assigned roles.

And yet we chose to come. Yes, we did, I admit it.

You and me and everyone

Is asked to further our Lord’s grace,

Not to try to supplant the Holy One.

I turned away and sowed destruction

Wherever I cast my gaze

Nothing was sacred,

Everything was razed.

Anger can take us into unbridled action

Fear can do the same

Or leave us huddled in the corner

Not even remembering our name.

I was brought to bar when my anger seeded shame

As it rebounded from afar

With the violence so emboldened

That my voice went up in flames.

When we see what we have become

We carry the Holy Grail

That enables us to understand

That in fact we have not failed.

We have learned the holy mission

That offers love and light

To all who envision

Creation’s love created might.

It’s compassion that will carry us

On the longest journey’s night

As we each tread the path

From anguish into light.

December 10, 2022

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Leeda McCabe
Leeda McCabe
Dec 11, 2022

That’s fabulous!


Dec 11, 2022

And, yet, anger and fear can often incite needed change within and about that which is blind.

Still, quite often, it seems humankind evolves at a glacial pace.

Indeed, we choose to be present here at this moment, and blindly so, though sometimes a brief flirting moment with the universe compels us forward. Is this naiveté in it's highest form? Or simply a naiveté necessary to further, to acknowledge, to enhance our Creators's grace?

I often wonder.

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